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2023: Goodies And Positive Things The Emergence Of Senator Prince Otu As Governor Will Bring To CRS

Sen. Prince Bassey Otu 

By Anam Kenneth

Dear Cross Riverians, there are loads of goodies and positive things to be anticipated when Senator Prince Bassey Otu gets our support to the Peregrino house come May 29th, 2023.

One of such visions as contained in his key points agenda for the state if elected governor is REVISITING THE CEEDING OF BAKASSI PENINSULA AND 76 OIL WELLS as well as an appeal to revisit on THE GREENTREE AGREEMENT MATTERS that will help ameliorate the sufferings of Cross Riverians thus cushioning the heavy debt burden profile of our beloved state.

Recall that the dispute over the oil-rich and natural gas BAKASSI PENINSULA was resolved through the ceding of Bakassi Penisula to Cameroon through a GREENTREE treaty agreement that was signed in Newyork in 2006.

The Nigerian Senate on numerous occasions has reiterated its stands on rejecting the process that led to this ruling citing the decisions as contravening the section 12 sub (1) of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria. 

However, on the 30th of April 2011 Senator Prince Otu vowed to reopen the case while addressing pressmen in his country home in Calabar and true to his words on the floor of plenary on September 26th 2012 through a motion that was raised, the leadership of the senate reechoed their stands on the rejection of the judgment of the International Court of Justice that led to the ceding of the oil-rich rejoin to Cameroon and avowed their commitments to pushing for an appeal.

It is however worthy of note that owing to certain administrative bottlenecks and preferences by then government as at the time these issues were raised by our indefatigable Senator Prince Bassey E. Otu this matter was not given the necessary attention and consideration it deserves hence hampering its swift resolution, we are however grateful to nature for providing us with another opportunity and platform that will help midwife the safe delivery of this agelong desires and dreams of many Cross Riverians.

We can only pray the elements of nature and the creator to endow Senator Prince Bassey Otu with the needed gifts of men and all that will be required to make this a reality cos with this we can be sure of the return of OUR SEASONS OF SWEETNESS come 2023 and beyond.

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