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Sen. Gershom Bassey Coasting To Victory As He Controls Majority Winnings In The PDP Delegate Election

Sen. Gershom Bassey

By Onuora Victoria Obiagheli

The campaign headquarters of Distinguished Senator Gershom Bassey was agog with a flurry of activity as PDP stakeholders across the three senatorial districts of CRS stormed the campaign office to celebrate victory and to thank God for the successful conclusion of the Ad-hoc Delegates elections across the state.

The elections which were relatively peaceful and free and fair, produced Ad-hoc delegates who will participate in all the state primaries elections to elect the candidates to carry the party's flag in the general elections come 2023.

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Indeed, it is quite interesting to note that from the calculations and permutations of the Critical Stakeholders present, Sen. Gershom Bassey has shown that he has a very strong covalent bond in the Southern Senatorial District. This is because the Distinguished Senator was able to secure an overwhelming 95% delegates victory from the 5 LGAs, arising from Bakassi, Akpabuyo, Calabar South, Calabar Municipality and Odukpani in the South. However, the other two LGAs of the South, he got 70% delegates from Biase and 60% from Akamkpa LGA respectively.

A critical look at the Central Senatorial district also shows an overwhelming string. Except for Etung where the win was a margin of 20%, the others gave a whopping 100%.

The news from the North was quite shocking, to say the least. Indeed, over 80% of the delegates are for the Distinguished Senator. A large number of the critical stakeholders worked for him. Some Stakeholders who excitedly spoke their minds at the campaign office said they believed winning the delegates' elections is not a social media war. 

Many of the party leaders from the North have been working assiduously for Sen. Gershom Bassey's victory without much fanfare.

Expressing their excitement over the success and victory of the Delegate elections, a critical stakeholder and Party's faithful expressed that the truth of Sen. Gershom Bassey's popularity has finally come to light and prevailed over the lies and pretence of the opposition. Indeed, this has clearly shown that Sen. Gershom Bassey has wide contacts across the length and breadth of the state and Nigeria. In reality, one thing I learnt of him (Sen. Gershom Bassey) is that he is very calculative, not a talking type and CRS will see his works more in action than in talking, even as he performed as the Water Board boss and even now in the Senate, he is No 4 in terms of performance and we are proud of him, he added."

With this fantastic outing in the delegate elections, the opposition must be having jitters now running down their spines. Indeed, you underestimate Sen. Gershom Bassey at your own peril. 

SGB is the code.

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