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7 Health Benefits Of Sleep

A good night's sleep after a day's hectic work is always worth it. Your body needs to recharge and 
regain strength for it to work efficiently and productively. 

Notice how you feel when you are really tired and worn out, you tend to lose the ability to think well or even carry out simple tasks properly. As vital as sleep is to the body adequate sleep mostly depends on the age of an individual.

1. Sleep helps against depression

Sleeping lesser hours than you need is linked to depression. It works both ways, meaning someone suffering from depression may begin to experience insomnia due to daily household issues connected with finances and relationships. On the other hand, staying up late with low-quality sleep can also lead to depression in some cases.

2. Sleep boosts the creative side of us

A stressed-up mind and body are least likely to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems that seem to be outside the box. This makes getting enough sleep necessary to energize your brain and bring it to life.

3. Sleep helps to rid the body of toxins

It has been discovered that the brain clears away toxins by convection during sleep time. These toxins are usually built up during the day and at night while we sleep the brain cells become enlarged allowing toxins to be sent out.

4. Sleep helps to control unnecessary eating

When you don't get enough sleep a hormone called ghrelin is released in higher quantities. Ghrelin enables your appetite for food to rise to lead to more eating especially at night which can cause obesity.

5. Sleep strengthens the memory

During the day the brain receives a whole lot of information. Some are useful while others can be discarded. The brain sorts outs the information in these categories and keep the memory of the useful ones, all while we are fast asleep.

6. Sleep helps to improve your cognitive abilities

Sleep helps you to be more focused and attentive to any task you have at hand and can boost your ability to multitask with accuracy.

7. Sleep is good for our physical wellbeing 

Sleep stimulates growth in children and adults. It reduces stress and premature ageing as it helps the body to produce new and healthy cells to replenish old dead ones, renewing your health and giving you a more youthful appearance.

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