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Democracy Day: Sen. Gershom Bassey Felicitates With Nigerians

Sen. Gershom Bassey

Today, I wish to felicitate with you all in Cross River State and indeed Nigeria as we mark 23 years of uninterrupted democratic governance in our beloved nation. Our dear country, Nigeria and indeed our great State, Cross River, has come a long way and made giant strides since the advent of the Fourth Republic. It is a fact that the past 23 years which is the longest period of sustained democratic governance in our nation, have demonstrated clearly that the government of the people is an ideal that the people of Cross River State and Nigeria cherish a lot.

For the past 23 years, we have remained a stable democracy. We must consolidate on the gains so far achieved and build on the future so that we shall continue to celebrate the freedom, resilience, and determination of our people. Nevertheless, as it is with all democracies, we will always be going through developmental processes in our desire to achieve a mature democracy, a strong, evolved and integrated state that will be reckoned with internationally.

The recent primary elections organised by our great party, the PDP is a testament to the strides we have made as a people politically. This process will culminate in yet another transition in which we must all strive to work to ensure success. Indeed, let us individually and collectively, continue to keep the spirit of this auspicious day alive in the way we run our democracy. No task is more important than this. I, therefore, call on all candidates of our great party to close ranks will all party faithful to ensure victory for PDP in the general elections of 2023. They should endeavour to run issue-based campaigns and endeavour to treat their opponents with respect and dignity.

Democracy is the foundation on which our common values are based. It is at the level closest to citizens, within our LGAs and Constituencies, that local democracy offers a unique opportunity to engage citizens in decision-making. This is why we must defend it and ensure that democratic principles are respected at all levels of governance: local government, state and national. We must continue to do well as a people and as a democracy. We should remember where we are coming from, so we can appreciate how far we have traversed.

Democracy is a form of government which allows the full participation of citizens in the decisions that affect them, and, must be practised daily through concrete measures. It is based on a real partnership between the different levels of governance and with the citizens of our States. I, therefore, charge all citizens to endeavour to participate in the process of elections by getting your PVC because there is no democracy without you. The power to demand the best is in your hands, use your power, use your PVC.

As a State and Nation, we can only move forward when security, improved infrastructure and economic policies make life meaningful for the people we govern. As a Senator of the federal republic, I shall continue to do my best to promote these principles. I shall work to strengthen our democratic institutions so that things will function properly for the benefit of all.

Once again congratulations to us all for another celebration of our evolving democracy. Happy Democracy Day.

Long live PDP!

Long live Cross River State!

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Sen. Gershom Bassey, Senator, CR South

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