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Jesus, The Anointing That Can Save - Rev. Chikodili Aja

The position of the first born is very important. If the first born succeeds, he or she gives the other siblings the avenue to succeed too. 

JESUS means savior because he will save his people[matt1:21]. His title is CHRIST meaning messiah the anointed or the chosen one. Anointing is something of great significance that signifies God’s favour. 

TEXT: Exodus 13:2, 4:22, Genesis 49:3, John 1:29, 1:12, Luke 4:18 

Christianity is more than a religion. It is spiritual and a way of life meaning it is your daily encounter with JESUS. Our security today isn’t guaranteed by the country anymore but we have a name that stands as a strong tower and our bullet proof and that name is JESUS.

Salvation is total freedom [deliverance from harm]. The name JESUS is our salvation.

There are two things captured in john 1:12, one is to receive him and another is to believe in his name. it is one thing to receive JESUS and another thing is to believe in his name. many Christians have received JESUS but hardly believe in his name while some believe in the name of JESUS but haven’t received him yet.


1. The Anointing is a power removing weapon.

2. The Anointing is the presence and the power of God.

3. It is what enables a man to move in the supernatural.

4. It also opens doors that have been shut around you.

5. The anointing makes one to succeed where others fail. 

6. It helps you to press on even when others say you cannot make it. 

7. It makes your face to shine. 

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