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Jesus Must Increase In My Life – Rev. Pst. Ejikeme Ejim

Rev. Pst. Ejikeme Ejim - General Superintendent
of Assemblies of God Nigeria

By Precious Bassey

When we come to church, we come to see Jesus and to fellowship with him. Many churches have missed it, but He remains the foundation of the church.

The different kinds of people in the world are welcome to the church to fellowship (The rapists, fornicators, etc) because that was why Jesus came. But, no one with sin is expected to come into the church and go back with that sin.

The presence of God should be constant in the church and be evident enough to convict a sinner of their sins. Every man in Christ is free and continues to remain free as long as he /she is in Christ.

In Christ, we are being saved every day and if you can endure till the end, you will be saved completely.

The book of Titus reveals how the grace of God that brings salvation is made available unto all men.

There should always be a difference between those who are of God and those that are in the world.

Everyone who has given their lives to Christ has realised that the name of Jesus is the only covering and hope. The name of Jesus is the only solid rock on which the children of God stand.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” and so all our thought processes should be controlled by God and he controls it using the bible as a guide.

If Jesus is not the Lord of your life in totality, then he is not the Lord of your life at all. 

It is useless giving Jesus a part of your life, do not give him even 99.999%, he needs 100%. He needs all of you.

As long as one is in Christ, the old man has to die and everything about you has to be subject to the new man.

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