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Freedom From The Task Masters - Rev. Ernest Osim

In the same spirit of celebration of Nigeria's independence,, God has it in mind to make us independent. 

A task master suppresses someone & forcefully gives issues to someone or a group of people.

Freedom is the process of being free. Some people can come to church & are still in bondage to so many things/masters.

Nigeria before independence never had a say and was deprived of its rights until some men refused that Nigeria should remain in the same way under bondage.

It is believed that an independent man should be mature, wise & be able to manage his / herself.

Independence is not so active in Nigeria due to bad government. The same thing happened to the children of Israel. God's children were in bondage due to the unfavourable government of Nigeria is not favourable, and tiers to make things difficult but God has made us know that even the heart of kings is in his hands and he has the power to turn his heart to Nigerians favour.

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