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The Mystery Of Process - Evang. Felix Udida

The love of God is the love that humans did nothing to Merit (when Jesus died) while the love for God is the choice we make, it is our assignment and commitment towards him no matter the circumstances. Your love for God should not be based on consciousness. Do not leave your space of holiness because of temporary discomfort. Most times, people are being dragged to spot and unknowing to them they remain at that spot and keep crying. As a child of God, we are not meant to sit down and keep crying instead we need to keep moving in order to change the situation.

TEXT: Act 4:33, Ex 14:15

Bible Reference: Luke 5:7, Psalm 69:14, Isaiah 43:2, Genesis 22:17, Psalm 3:5

It was possible for the children of Israel to get out of Egypt to Canaan in 7 days, but God decided to make them take the journey for 40 years in order to take them through "The Process". 

God wants us to obey the laws of the process of life. For Man to work in divinity, he must be able to work in spirituality. There is something that God wants to build around your life that is why he puts you through things to put you in the process. 

As children of God, we need to be spiritually alert because we can sink if we associate with the wrong people. Acknowledging the person and presence of Jesus Christ is the most important thing to do that will guide you to go through the process.

God is always ready to deliver us. Stop putting your trust in Man. Depend on God and he will use a Man to help you. God is always right on time because he is never late.

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