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Corruption Is Everywhere: Fuel Sellers Must Not Hide Fuel And Must Do Business With Humanity In Mind


Nigerians have decried the hike in the cost of transportation which is caused by the increased price of fuel. Our correspondence during a street interview gathered that the masses at all levels have been affected adversely by the hike in fuel prices.

Lamenting to our correspondence, Chika a civil servant revealed that “despite the increased cost of transportation and prices of commodities in the market, the salaries received by employees have not increased.” “This is a problem and needs urgent intervention.” She added.

Others who reacted said that “It is almost as though it has tripled our budgets, we now have to plan higher when going out because of the increase in transportation cost. It has also affected the organisation of events, which makes us increase the price of tickets to help us meet up with the demands of hosting any event.”

Reacting to the hike in transportation costs, a student who pleaded anonymous said that “In Nigeria when things go up, they never come down and it is a burden on the Nigerian student. It is a bad syndrome in Nigeria, corruption is everywhere and I advise fuel sellers not to hide fuel and to do business with humanity in mind.” “This calls for youths to vote wisely.” He added.

Also, some girls have complained that even the cost of making their hair has increased because saloons use fuel when there is no light.

A music maker also complained that “even to rehearse you need to burn fuel since the Nigeria power system cannot be trusted, and fuel of 1000 Naira can not be enough for a rehearsal of few hours. I just feel that every year we subscribe to a new level of challenges in Nigeria.” He further added that “if there is no intervention, the increased price of fuel will increase the suffering of the masses who do not have money.”

Finally, he stated that “we are the cause of our problem because some business people hide products to make it scarce and sell for more gain when it gets scarce.”

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