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Fulfilling Purpose; Just Pull The Trigger – Oluchi Omai

The difference between successful people and those who failed is not the lack of ideas, nor is it the lack of strategic planning skills, but they failed because they lack the power to execute power.

Many great ideas never got to the labour ward, they only stopped in the pregnancy stage and there no celebration is called for because none is ever called a son that was not born.

People celebrate the arrival of the baby and not just the pregnancy.

In the pursuit of purpose, the execution of ideas is cherished more than mere knowledge of the purpose and strategic plans drawn for it.

Purposeful living is that stage of living which is beyond mere thoughts but spans into the realization and execution of thoughts.

No one builds a house by only nursing ideas of owning a house, they build by taking drastic steps to purchase lands and execute other plans no matter how uncomfortable it seems. 

Every human eats by the physical action of taking the food to the mouth, no one eats by imagination or thoughts.

In the pursuit and fulfilment of purpose, beautiful thoughts, and plans well marshalled out are good and necessary but, successful people are those who go beyond all these into the execution stage – Action.

“Failure is never a limitation, it only exposes loose ends that should be corrected. And only hearts bent on succeeding in their pursuit of a successful life will admit it.” – Oluchi Omai

“Rejection and neglect are never a limitation, it only reveals that no one understands your purpose as much as you do and hence the need to find and align with people of like passion. Iron Sharpens Iron” – Oluchi Omai

“Disappointments are never limitations, they only remind us that human support is not permanent. Like sinking sand, they can fail. Hence the need to trust God always.” – Oluchi Omai

The greatest weapon used against men of purpose is “the fear of failure.” The fear of what people will say if they failed. The fear of being taunted for failing. Yet this fear has limited and killed many potentials.

No man wins the battle who is scared of the battlefield, no warrior is known or named who hides in the crowd. They always face the battle skillfully, no matter how fierce it seems. If you must win, you must fight and keep fighting no matter how many times you lose.

The most important stage in the pursuit and fulfilment of purpose is the “EXECUTION STAGE.”

“The fear of failure in itself is the beginning of failure.” – Oluchi Omai

This does not mean that there will be no challenges or that failure will not come knocking at all. But, it implies that failure or the fear of failure should not make you shrink or pull out from the pursuit of your purpose.

You will stare failure in the eyes and say “I will win!” and so you will.

You must be deliberate about fulfilling your purpose. This implies that you aren’t trying to entice or satisfy a crowd, therefore their opinion of how many times you encounter failure doesn’t count. The only thing that counts is how resilient you are to failure and your determination to succeed.

Remember, Thomus Edison in his considered the greatest inventor of his time, Thomas Edison, was responsible for over 1,000 different patents, some refinements of previous inventions but many completely new ideas. Edison is famous not only for his inventions but also his attitude on failure. In his mind failure was simply another stepping stone on the road to success. The famous story goes, Edison failed to refine the light bulb (one of the few creations he merely refined but did not invent) so many times it took him 10,000 attempts to perfect. However rather than accepting failure 9,999 times he is quoted as answering questions on his failures as rather: ‘I have not failed. I have just found 9,999 ways that do not work’. 

He would have given up, but generations would never remember him each time the electric bulb is used. 

“Challenges and oppositions are inconsequential to a determined heart.” – Oluchi Omai

“When the purpose is in view, problems only become a paddle stick or a propeller to the fulfilment of purpose” – Oluchi Omai

Even though the execution stage seems demanding and might need funds, technical know-how, human resources etc. the most important thing is taking a step. Remember, “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step!”

The next step is execution, it is action and not mere ideas and well-documented action plans. Many are scared of executing their projects because it looks scary and unsurmountable. But, all that is needed is the courage to take a step. A man like Peter could walk on the water because he was focused on his purpose and not on the troubled sea. He only began to sink when he lost focus and began to see the raging sea instead of his purpose. 

“Fear only comes to make us sink, stay focused” – Oluchi Omai 

“Nothing works only on paper, they work when you take necessary actions – Just pull the trigger!” – Oluchi Omai

 Finally, “the disappointments of yesterday are not tangible reasons for the backwardness of today and the failure of tomorrow. If you failed, it is because you gave up and not because you were disappointed by anyone. Take that next step now!” – Oluchi Omai

“Men do not die when a gun is pointed at them, they die when the trigger is pulled. No arrow ever has an impact on its target unless it is released from a stretched bow by an archer. Likewise, no idea works and no plan becomes a reality until you execute them. Until you take reasonable actions, your plans and purposes lie in oblivion.” – Oluchi Omai

You can win! You will win! Take that next step now!

(c) Oluchi Omai

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