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JUST IN: Emerging Facts Reveals Hon. Dr. Alex Egbona - (Member Representing Yakurr/Abi Federal Constituency) Stands Disqualified And Not Eligible To Contest The 2023 General Election

Hon. Dr Alex Egbona

It’s time enough for  Hon. Dr Alex Egbona, House of Representatives candidate of the APC, to stop playing the Ostrich.  I am Hon. Dr Alex Egbona's ardent supporter and a card-carrying member of the APC family from Abi Local Government Area. However, that I am a card-carrying member of the APC or Hon; Dr Alex Egbona's supporter doesn't make me less of a Nigerian. My loyalty is first and foremost to Nigeria, followed by my Constituency, before the political  Party to which I belong. My primary concern is how to move the country forward and elect trustworthy and eligible people to serve the nation.

I cannot shy from saying that Hon. Dr Alex Egbona has failed his Constituency in so many ways. After all, I was amongst the first to campaign for him in his first term bid. I also participated fully in his 2nd term primaries on the 27th of May, 2022 though he didn't have any opponent.

I will make a grave and earth-shaking revelation with iron-cast evidence (to those who care to listen) about the blunders surrounding the conduct of the APC  primaries that produced Alex Egbona as a candidate, which took place on the 27th of May, 2022, and why he is not eligible to return to the Green Chambers again.

For fear of my life and my family, permit me not to disclose my identity. Still, I promise to hand over every incriminating evidence about the said APC primaries' conduct leading to Hon. Alex Egbona's emergence / candidacy at my disposal to Hon. Eko Atu, the PDP House of Representatives candidate for Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency, can either make them public or challenge the eligibility of Dr Alex Egbona to contest the election in my next Episode.

It is evident that Hon. Dr Alex Egbona was the only candidate who stood for the APC Indirect Primaries for the forthcoming election into the House of Representatives for Abi/Yakurr Federal Constituency. The indirect primary procedure used by the APC in electing Alex Egbona as the winner of the Primaries, as can be seen in the REPORT ON ALL PROGRESSIVE CONGRESS (APC) ABI/YAKURR FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY PRIMARIES ELECTION HELD IN YAKURR and the INEC REPORT is not compliant with the Electoral Act, and the constitution. It particularly offends S. 84 (7) of the Electoral Act 2022.

For the avoidance of doubt, S. 84 (7) of the Electoral Act 2022 state as follows:-

"Where there's only ONE ASPIRANT or A CONSENSUS* candidate (like Alex Egbona) in a Political Party for any of the elective positions mentioned in Sub Section (5) (a), (b), (c) and (d), The Party SHALL Convene a SPECIAL CONVENTION or CONGRESS at a designated centre on a specified date for the Confirmation of the such aspirant, and the name of the aspirant shall be forwarded to the Commission as the Candidate of the Party.

The mistake Hon. Alex Egbona made is that, as a sole candidate; he ought to have adhered to or Complied with the provisions of S.84 (7) of the Electoral Act to Convene a SPECIAL CONVENTION or CONGRESS for his Confirmation. Still, he ignorantly went on a frolic of his own and against the Provisions of the Electoral Act to participate in an INDIRECT PRIMARIES Contrary to the Provisions of S.84 (7) of the Electoral Act. as such, the mode of his Candidacy is Unconstitutional therefore stand to be Disqualified.

To buttress the above Position, S. 84 (13) of the Electoral Act 2022 expressly stated thus:-

"Where a Political Party fails to Comply with the provisions of this Act in the conduct of its Primaries, its Candidate for Election shall not be included in the Election for the particular position in the issue."

The big question is when would Hon. Dr Alex Egbona be disqualified?

It can be now or during Post Election litigations. The Electoral Act expressly stated that " (Post Election matters) may be questioned on any of the following grounds:-

(1) A person whose Election is questioned needs to be qualified to contest the election at the time of the Election.

(2) The Election was invalid because of Corrupt Practices or Non-Compliance with the Provisions of the Electoral Act 2022.  etc.

This invariably means that even if Alex Egbona finally wins the Election, his Opponent will take it away from him in court because he is purporting to Contest the 2023 General Election which he is not qualified to Contest

Furthermore, in Hon. Alex Egbona's INEC Monitoring Checklist for Political Party Primaries that Mr Edward Sodienye monitored and filled purposely refused to append his signature, which is fundamental. Mr Sodienye answered the following questions about the conduct of Hon. Dr Alex Egbona's Primaries in the Checklist are as follows:-


(B)(2):- Are there party guidelines for the conduct of the Primaries? -

Society’s Answer was - NO.

This answer offends S. 84 (8) of the Electoral Act 2022. Which states as follows:-

"A political party that adopts the indirect primary system (the one Hon. Egbona ignorantly adopted) for the choice of its candidate shall clearly outline in its Constitution and rule the procedure for the Democratic Election of delegates to vote at the Congress or convention or primaries."

(B)(1) Is there a list of Aspirants - his answer was - NO.

(4) Is there a list of the Electoral panel?

Sodienye's Answer was NO.

Forgetting that in his signed INEC report, he stated that a panel headed by Barr. Emmanuel Elemi organised the Primaries while Barr. Prince Wekekayo acted as secretary.

(C)(2) Was a Winner Declared?

Sodienye response was NO.

It meant Hon. Alex Egbona was not declared a winner in the purported Primaries on that faithful day. One, therefore, wonders how his name was transmitted or smuggled to INEC.

(D)(2) Was there Substantial Compliance with the Relevant Provisions of the Party Constitution and Guidelines?

Sodienye’s Answer was - NO.

Meaning the Primary was conducted against the provisions of the party Constitution, Guidelines and the Electoral  Act 2022.

The above Electoral irregularities, breaches, or outright violation of the Electoral Act committed by Hon. Alex Egbona to smartly have his name on the ballot will soon attract penalties ranging from disqualification, conviction, etc.

In my next Episode, I shall open another can of worms about why Hon. Alex Egbona will not return to the Green Chamber again.


Usang, is a political analyst, writes from Abuja.

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