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Learn How To Juggle Between Directing And Shooting At The Same Time - You Can Do Both!

Directing and acting in a film at the same time can get daunting for a lot of directors, it is a process where the director has to work with other actors, who he has hired to work in the movie. He has to get down from a director’s chair and stand in the same league as the other actors which can get very difficult. Sometimes, it is difficult because the actors one may be working with are less experienced, while at other times, sharing space with senior and legendary actors can also take a toll on a director’s confidence and his acting abilities. Simultaneously pulling off two things can make both a physical and emotional mess out of a person.

Here are a few tips that can help one to direct and shoot at the same time:

1. Planning is Key

When you have to both direct and act, you need to do maximum directing off the set, which means that your planning has to be detailed and well done, that you do not waste any time on the set. When acting in scenes that you also direct, extensive table readings, walkthroughs, and rehearsals should be done to get everything sorted. Thus, once you are on set, you will just be performing and directing a well-rehearsed scene.

2. Use a Stand-In Whenever Necessary

To perfect your technical direction, composition, lighting, and camera movements, etc. always use a body double as a stand-in for your actor self and then focus on the direction. By using a body double, you can visualize the overall scene and check all placements, positions, etc., so that at the acting stage, you just have to place yourself and start acting and not worry about the technical aspects of your character’s appearance.

3. Switch-On and Switch-Off

When juggling between two roles, it is important to disconnect yourself from both at regular intervals and focus on one thing at a time. After directing a scene, do not try and jump to acting immediately, give yourself a creative break, and then start fresh. Similarly, acting is a tough job too and after getting into a character, sometimes it is difficult to emotionally come out of it, so give yourself time, to switch off and then switch back on to the role of being a director.

4. Use Technology

Make use of available technology to ease out your work. While directing and acting at the same time, your biggest disappointment could lie in the fact that you cannot see yourself. Monitors to the rescue! Thankfully, nowadays you can use mobile monitors and also have a couple of them facing you so that even without moving from your mark, you can see how you performed and decide upon the next course of action.

5. Get Someone to Assist

On the set, you surely need a person you can count upon when balancing between the two acts. An assistant director could be that one person who could help you in directing scenes while you perform and also give you feedback, suggest changes, and make notes for you. By having an AD to depend upon, you can fully focus on your acting without having to worry too much about the direction for that moment. If you have discussed your scene beforehand with your AD, it helps you to manage both your jobs simultaneously and yet remain pressure-free.

These tips can definitely help you direct and act at the same time and maintain harmony and balance between both your roles. 

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