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God Knows My Name - Rev. Joseph Ajor

Rev. Joseph Ajor (Ph.D)

TEXT: LUKE 19:1 -10, Isaiah 43:1

Due to the world population density, some people might feel rejected. Some feel discriminated against. The story of the prodigal son is quite an example.

Zacchaeus was a Jew who collected money from the people as tax, this situation was done forcefully, collecting money from all kinds of people, most times above the required amount to be paid. Zacchaeus did many illegal businesses, and the Jews hated him and tagged him as, a sinner. 

One day, the head of a man name Jesus, though Zacchaeus has the money but does not have peace. But they were somebody afar, who had concern for him, and that was Jesus 

Zacchaeus was rich, influential, and social but alone, he heard stories of how Jesus changed the lives of those he touched because he was troubled and disturbed when he saw the crowd he decided to follow. Though he was short, he ran ahead and saw the sycamore tree and climbed it so he could see the Lord. While on the tree when Jesus came, he called out to him by his name, Zacchaeus and he invited himself to the house of Zacchaeus. 

Jesus knows us all down to the number of hair follicles on our heads, in our lows and highs, he knows and understands.

Jesus was in Jerusalem for 3 years and Zacchaeus was also there, he decided not to leave without solving the problem of Zacchaeus. Because Jesus knows us, he said in his word that “He has known us even before we were formed in our mother’s womb”.

God knows all our pains, struggles, joy, trials, and ends. He knows us through and through, he s ready to put his mark on us, an inerasable mark. He knows us by our name just as we know and has come to identify with the name given to us by our earthly parents. He cares for us deeply therefore he knows us all by our names. 

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