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JAMB Is Not Cheating Anambra State, Reno Omokiri Queries Anambra State Government High Powered Committee To Investigate Mmesoma Ejikeme's JAMB Result

Mmesoma and Reno

Reno Omokiri has queried the Anambra State Government over setting up a hig-powere committee filled with Professors and PhDs. to investigate Mmesoma Ejikeme's JAMB result. 

Reno who bore his mind on his twitter handle @Renoomokiri added that the owner of the centre where she took the exam (Osita Chidoka), has revealed that the result is questionable.

He further added that JAMB is not cheating Anambra State because they have acquitted themselves excellently in this regard.

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"Why would the Anambra State Government set up a high-powered committee, filled with Professors and PhDs, to investigate Mmesoma Ejikeme's JAMB result? The result is fake. The owner of the centre where she took the exam (Osita Chidoka), has revealed that it is questionable. The girl (more accurately, WOMAN) herself admitted as much during her Channels TV interview." 

"JAMB is not cheating Anambra State. They have acquitted themselves excellently in this regard. They came up with documentary proof to show any objective onlooker that this is a case of pure criminality, devoid of ethnic bias. Anambra State is cheating itself by wasting human and material resources on a lie."

"Henceforth, they should not complain that their federal allocation is not enough. They have money to waste! This is what happens when you make a criminal matter an ethnic issue. Indigenes of Kaduna, Osun, Lagos and Oyo states were also accused of fraud by JAMB. Those went to hide and bury their heads in shame because they know their ethnic groups and states had little tolerance for their criminality." 

"But Mmesoma was bold because she knew she would get support. Why not? She has already seen how the owners of structurally defective buildings at Alaba market got support purely based on their ethnicity, despite being warned since 2017. She saw how some Nigerians used their ethnicity to almost paralyse the evacuation efforts of Nigerians in Sudan. So, she had enough examples to make her confident that she could get away with it. And she is right. Instead of her being shamed by the Anambra State Government, she is being protected. The same Anambra State Government that did not constitute a high-powered panel of inquiry to find out who was behind the killings of @USinNigeria embassy staff in Anambra on May 16, 2023, or to fish out those who killed a pregnant Northern Muslim woman, Harira Jubril, and her four underaged children, were crudely murdered in cold blood on the streets of Anambra State, with her four underage daughters, Fatima 9 years, Khadija 7 years, Hadiza 5 years, and Zaituna 2 years, has now put together a powerful committee to protect refuge golden girl (or woman), Mmesoma!"

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