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Missing Ware Bill: Owner Calls On AKTC Driver And Management For Retrieval

AKTC Calabar

A yet to be identified AKTC driver who received a warebill to be delivered in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State have reportedly refused to deliver same to the receiver.

The said warebill was carried to the AKTC park, Etta Agbor road, Calabar on Monday, 3rd of July 2023 at about 8:30 am by one Mr. Sylvanus to be delivered to Francis Edet with contact 07064471502 in Uyo.

According to Sylvanus, the warebill which contains an Igbo attire (Black with white fruit design on it), a white native bead necklace, a red cap, and two external hard drives in red and black casings, was packed in a yellow nylon then into a black nylon.

Speaking with our correspondence, Sylvanus stated that he got to the AKTC Park on Monday 3rd July at about 8:30 am to send the items to Uyo.

“On getting to the park, I met a loader (Sunny) who directed me to a driver heading to Uyo whose vehicle was already loaded. The driver was in so much hurry but demanded the receiver’s details which I wrote down for him and paid him N165,00 (One thousand, six hundred and fifty naira),” He said.

He also admitted that because of the hastiness of the driver, he forgot to get the drivers phone number.

“I forgot to get his phone number because of how hasty he was. I left while he drove out. I remembered on my way that I did not get the drivers phone number, but trusted that he will deliver the parcel accordingly.”

“I was called on Tuesday morning by Francis who told me he had not received the items I sent. I went back to the park on Tuesday, but was not attended to, and then on Wednesday when I met the Loader who directed me to the driver but he said he can’t recall the driver he directed me to. I pleaded for contacts of drivers who moved on Monday 3rd July, but all that were contacted denied ever getting such warebill on the said date.”

“I had to plead with the staff on duty to check the manifest for the 3rd of July and contact drivers who went to Uyo, that was done but all denied collecting such warebill. Although, apart from 2 who were yet to be contacted, but I have been denied their contacts.” He added.

“Even though I forgot to get the driver’s phone number, I am so displeased and disappointed by the driver who after collecting money refused to deliver the warebill accordingly” Sylvanus said.

He further revealed that the receiver Francis Edet has gone to the AKTC park in Uyo but was told nothing could be done except the driver’s number is provided.

Sylvanus, having admitted his mistake of not getting the drivers phone number is calling on the driver of AKTC who took the warebill to return it or deliver it to the Francis Edet whose contact is on the warebill. And on the management of AKTC Uyo to check their warebills and send same to Francis Edet or return it to AKTC calabar where he can take it back.

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