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There Is Nothing Wrong With Prostrating For Your Mentor - Reno Omokiri

Those saying the Governor of Ekiti state should not have prostrated to Chief Afe Babalola have no understanding of scriptural, spiritual principles on the one hand and Yoruba Omoluabi culture on the other hand. 

Chief Babalola is a mentor to Governor Oyebanji, and there is nothing wrong with prostrating for your mentor. Governor Oyebanji is an Omoluabi. 

The full meaning of Omoluabi is Omo-ti-Olu Iwa-bi, meaning the child that the lord of character begat. Many people, including some modern-day ‘Yoruba’ intellectuals, believe that Oluwa means Lord. No, it does not. Oluwa connotes Lord, but it does not mean lord. It is a compound word, Olu Iwa, which means Lord of Iwa. 

Iwa means character or good morals. Olu-Iwa is believed in Yoruba mythology to be the scriptural Noah. Moses displayed Omoluabi tendencies. Moses's Black African father-in-law was his mentor. We see that in Exodus 18:24. We also see that Moses bowed to his father-in-law-Exodus 18:7. 

Are Governor Oyebanji's critics saying Moses was wrong to do so? In 1 Samuel 28:14, King Saul prostrated flat on the ground to Samuel and in 2 Kings 13:14-15, the king of Israel, Jehoash, called Elisha his father and received instructions from him. It is called stooping to conquer, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It is the hallmark of the Omoluabi Yoruba culture of respect. 

In 2013, Wizkid prostrated flat on the ground for King Sunny Ade, and Sunny Ade said, "God bless you". From that date, Wizkid ceased being a local star and became a global megastar. Do you think that is a coincidence? Governor Oyebanji showed humility, and God will bless him. He does not behave as if he is too big to bow to his mentor in public, only to hide and cry yes, Daddy, with catarrh in his nose, in private. Public prostration is better than private frustration. 

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