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Gabon Coup: Soldiers Stage Coup on Live TV as Gabon's Long-Ruling Family Faces Turmoil

In the early hours of Wednesday, August 30, a group of high-ranking Gabonese military officials made a televised declaration, announcing their assumption of power in response to President Ali Bongo's contested reelection.

Appearing on the state-run television channel Gabon 24, these officers claimed to represent the entirety of the nation's security and defense forces. They declared the nullification of the election outcomes, immediate closure of all borders, and dissolution of state institutions.

"On behalf of the Gabonese populace... we have chosen to safeguard peace by bringing an end to the present regime," asserted the officers.

Tensions soared subsequent to the recent presidential, parliamentary, and legislative polls held on Saturday, during which Bongo proclaimed victory, further extending his family's six-decade dominion over the country.

The opposition cited numerous instances of electoral misconduct and fervently sought change within this nation, abundant in oil and cocoa resources but ensnared in poverty.

International observer absence, suspension of select foreign broadcasts, along with the government's actions of severing internet connectivity and imposing a nationwide curfew following the election, collectively fueled doubts about the electoral process's transparency. These factors prompted the military's intervention.

In this unfolding scenario, Gabon joins the ranks of other African countries—such as Burkina Faso, Mali, and more recently, Niger Republic—where military takeovers have occurred. This turn of events has sparked threats of intervention from the Nigeria-led ECOWAS bloc.

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