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Mysterious Incident Unfolds In Calabar As Lady Loses Her Senses After Alighting From An Unknown Car

By Elijah Besong

A bright Morning meant to be beautiful took an ugly bend, after a beautiful young lady as shown in the pictures below was seen alighting from a Car. At the same instance she stepped her foot down, she was believed to have lost her senses.

This happened on the roads of Mount Zion by Atamunu. Witnesses said: “It wasn’t clear what she was up to, however she started by throwing off her heels, but it became obvious that she had lost her senses when she set out to begin washing clothes of a resident by the road side.”

In a jiffy a mammoth crowd gathered around her, it wasn’t long a Good Samaritan showed up and took her to a church as every effort to know or get personal details from her proved futile. No one knows where she comes from or who it was that dropped her.

The general public is however admonished to help trace her family.

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