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The Threefold Victory Of Jesus In His Earthly Work - Apostle Ben Offiong

Apostle Ben Offiong

Jesus came as the last Adam. Since the first Adam sinned, Jesus, therefore, came as a substitute and as a replacement for Adam. We must always look at Jesus with the eyes of redemption. Whenever we look at ourselves we must look at ourselves with the eyes of redemption. Jesus remains a gift to mankind which cannot be withdrawn. God came in a human form to save mankind. Jesus came to carry out the mandate that Adam failed to carry out. Satan couldn’t handle the victories of Jesus Crist. 

Sickness is not physical only, it has a spiritual backing. Jesus was the master of all sicknesses and diseases, He cast the demons in charge of Sicknesses. 

TEXT: MATTEW 8:5-13, Romans 11:29, John 1:1, 14, 16, John 3:6 & 7, Colossians 2:3-10, John 14:12, Colossians 2:15, Ephesian 2:15 Hebrews 2:15, Hebrews 9:12 and Ephesian 4:7

Jesus healed every sickness no one has the special gift for performing miracles. As long as Jesus lives in a man, he has the spirit of Miracles living inside of Him. 

Whatever you discover from God (the word) is who you are. Everything you need is inside of you. You are a carrier of blessing. Stop condemning yourself and stop condemning someone God has not condemned. 

Jesus said he that believes in God the signs shall follow. Signs mean the validation of what you believe. We are fabricated, designed and used to advertise and represent Heaven.

When you are in Christ only seek the things that are associated with Christ. 

If the master of demons and witches lives in you, you don’t need to be afraid. Jesus said seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things shall be added. The more Christ increases in you, the less you become. 

If what you believe is not worth dying for then, it is not worth living for. When Crist manifests, that is the beginning of glory.  Jesus conquered the devil on Earth and in hell. Instead of aspiring for positions, seek more of Christ. Do not pursue people, pursue Christ.                                             

Satan has been defeated, we should stop talking about the defeated one and start talking about the winner. 

You should be victorious in everything and in everywhere. You can't carry Christ and compromise.  

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