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Two Problems Cross River APC Should Avoid Creating When Filling Vacant National Woman Leader Position

In the build up to the 2023 general elections, people of good consciences cautioned the ruling All Progress Congress, APC in Cross River State against some imbalances created in the party owing to some decisions that favoured a few but with grave consequences on the overall interests of the party.

The number one essence of a political party is to win elections and to achieve this, parties must be strategic and deliberate in its decisions. When President Bola Tinubu set out to win his election, we all saw how strategical and deliberate he was before and after the primary. His decision to square with a fellow Muslim just to sway Northern votes was one of such strategic moves. In Cross River, when the party (APC) wanted to win the Governorship, we saw the seriousness in which includes but not limited to, picking a popular candidate from the South. 

For some elections like most in Cross River North, the party didn't demonstrate enough tacts and zeal to win. It was iniquitous and impolitic ranging from lack of spread of key appointments, projects and fielding of candidates without recourse to power rotation in some federal and state constituencies. As inscribed in Galatians 6:7, the party reaped what it sowed by winning convincingly in the elections it prepared to win just as it lost in those it prepared to, directly or indirectly. 

With a new government in place, the expectation was that it would strive to break PDP's monopoly in the North by correcting some of the issues to strategically position APC to topple the opposition in the Senatorial district, particularly, by swiftly addressing the issue of imbalance in the spread of key party and government positions. While it's too early to completely conclude that the government is moving towards, some decisions and body language of the government so far has made it imperative for this reminder on where we're coming from and where we should be headed as a party. Like the past administration, there's substantial proof to show that the administration has started picking special interest in a local government at the detriment of others. It's important to clarify that this is not a flak on the leadership of the party but a kind reminder from a true supporter who mean well for the Governor, his government and the party that all is not well in Cross River North especially, with the rumour coming out regarding the now vacant position of the National Woman Leader Ostensibly, the reported decision of the state leadership to take the position to the North since the central senatorial district had produced two Ministerial nominees and South is occupying the second position zoned to the State is very commendable. It shows the party's commitment to inclusivity. 

However, this good deed won't be complete and can quickly become an issue if this inclusiveness don't play a role in deciding the person and local government in the North that should finally benefits from the it. Therefore, I want to appeal to the party to do everything possible to avoid a situation where rather than correct a problem, it'll become more reasons to further widen the already existing gap in the party in Obanliku, Bekwerra nay, Cross River North. 

As at today, Obanliku and Bekwerra are the two most disadvantaged local governments in the North. Obudu has two Commissioner nominees (even though they're both from one ward) and Deputy Speaker, Ogoja has one Commissioner nominee and Deputy Governor, Yala has three Commissioner nominees and State Chairman. So far, only Obanliku and Bekwerra have one each. Bekwerra may have gotten Chief Press Secretary appointment but the beneficiary was appointed on a professional ground as he's strange to the local APC politics in Bekwerra and the North. Aside Commissioner, like in the past administration, Obanliku is yet to get anything of note, too.

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