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Press Briefing On CRS VAPP Law Implementation Safeguarding Against Violence, Abuse And Exploitation Of Girls And Women


The Girls Power Initiative (GPI), a civil society organisation in a Press Briefing held on the 28th of September has stressed the need to put an end all forms of violence and maltreatment mated to women and girls.

Speaking during the press briefing, a member of the GPI and the Rep./anchor person for the SAVE project in Cross River State Margarete Udo reiterated the efforts and intervention made for children and women while creating awareness for the Cross River State Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Law. “SAVE” is Youth Alive Foundation Abuja project sponsored by Commonwealth and Anchored by GPI in CRS.

She further revealed that the conference was geared towards the capacity building of stakeholders across the state and also equip media persons with the content of the VAPP law and how to properly disseminate information about the law.

“Today’s activity is called press briefing we want to brief the media persons here to understand the content of the VAPP law and to be able to send out the message accurately, the penalties involved and also to understand that there is a s3x offenders register as well as a committee to monitor all of this. The media is to help us sensitize the public on the VAPP law and where to make referrals in case one is faced with such issues.” She said. 

“That is why today we are here to do this press briefing for media people to know how they can report when these issues happen.” She added.

According to Panelist who spoke extensively during the conference, women and children are being maltreated on daily bases leaving them traumatized and in agony which have adverse impact on their health especially as a result of the dead of their husbands or parents.

The panelist said “The Violence Against Persons Prohibition (VAPP) Law prohibits violence against women and makes it an offence to subject any woman to such practices. Unfortunately, many CSOs, lawyers and the general public are not aware of the VAPP Law.” 

According to Justina Ogban who represented the Director Department of Public Prosecution of the Ministry of Justice, “it is not enough for the law to create offences, the end of it is the ability to implement and punish perpetrators. “ 

Also, in attendance were; the FIDA Chairperson Mrs. Ann A., the Anchor person of the child protection right in Cross River State Mr. Kebe, A representative of the Director General Centre for Citizens Right Mr. Bassey Out.

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