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Tragedy Strikes: Pregnant Woman and Two Children Lose Lives in Shocking Traffic Incident Involving Policeman


Four passengers including a pregnant woman and her two children are feared d£ad in an accident allegedly caused by police officers and LASTMA officials in the Ago Palace Way of Okota in Lagos state.

According to a Nigerian man with the handle @tobe_stevee, a police man and driver were contesting for the steering wheel while in motion when they lost control and hit a tricycle with passengers in it.

"Something happened at my area this morning. A driver was arrested by the police, one of them got into his car, while the others followed, on the way to the station, at the okota roundabout, the driver decided to play a fast one and diverted to ago palace way. While in motion, the police man and driver began to contest for the steering wheel. Eventually they both lost control and the car hit a tricycle (keke). In the tricycle, A woman with her two kids and the rider. All of them died. May their soul Rest In Peace.

Now passers-by begin to deliberate on the issue and everyone pointed blames at the police for not effectively carrying out their duties thus endangering lives in the process.

The police need to do better… However being civilized as citizens is also something we need to look at as well. Both the police and the driver should be jailed."

Angry residents of the area set up burn fire in the middle of the road to express their anger. They have also demanded the arrest of the erring police officer.

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