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Marriage Without Regret - Rev. Blessing Rufus

Rev. Blessing Rufus

Marriage is God's perfect gift to man. It is no secret that many people, including Christians, face challenges in their marriage. Why are married couples seeking divorce, and why are young people who desire to get married scared of marriage?

Why should a church or any Christian organization not provide training or counseling for marriage? Why are people happy while preparing for marriage, running from pillar to post to prepare for a wedding that only lasts half a day?

Why the regret? Who is at fault? Is it God who has given us this good gift?

There is nothing wrong with marriage – the problem is not marriage. The real issue is that most people believe that marriage is a beautiful garden full of everything you need. Instead, marriage is an empty box that does not give you everything you want. There is no peace in marriage, there is no happiness in marriage. Happiness is in the couple. There is a "plus-plus" in marriage. If a man has a positive character and marries a woman with a positive character, it becomes a "plus-plus" marriage.

Major cause of regrets in marriage:

1. Unmet expectations: Every one of us went into marriage with high expectations. Many of these expectations will never materialize. We have two doors in marriage – the first is the door of expectation, which brings you into the living room, and the door of reality, which brings you into the bedroom, symbolizing the actual marriage.

There are several stages in marriage, but for today, we will consider two:

- Honeymoon – a time of excitement, love, and pretense. People often pretend during courtship. After at most 2 years, you enter the second stage.
- Normative stage – at this point, things have become normal. This is the point where one says, "I am the head of the family," and doesn't treat the woman as during the honeymoon period.

Whatever may prevent you from finding joy in your marriage can hinder you from entering heaven. If you want to enjoy your marriage, be the change.

The Lesson continues... Anticipate more.

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