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"No Gree For Anybody" - Read Before You Eat

Written By Faith Charles

I'm sure some of you are hungry right?😁 But all this food will not matter in heaven🤣🤣. Just read to the end first, you will eat.🙄

The year is still in its prime and many young people have decided to make it this year no matter what it will take them. They are determined to go through thick and thin, legal or illegal, moral or immoral to become wealthy this year. They’ve decided to go to any length and do anything possible so they too can “hammer” (make so much money like other young people).

Many young people have decided not to ‘gree for anybody’ this year by also making financial waves and flaunting their wealth like their contemporaries, even if it means removing someone’s kidney, cutting off a woman’s breast and cutting off someone’s head.

They have decided that even if it means taking the life of their mother, father, sister and any other family member, they will do that this year, provided that will guarantee their being wealthy. This is the deplorable state we’ve found ourselves and it calls for urgent attention before it gets out of hand.

How can you expect one Baba who lives in the Bush with dirty teeth, a smelly mouth and a worn-out wrapper to make you wealthy even when he is so poor and wretched?  If it was that easy to be so wealthy, why didn’t he make himself wealthy as well? Can you give what you do not have?

The devil is so wicked that he would even give you conditions that will ensure that you do not enjoy the wealth if it eventually comes. How can you enjoy the wealth you have, but under strict instructions not to share it with a family member? What would you be doing with multi-millions in your account alone?

How can you enjoy wealth when you are not allowed to marry? Even when you are allowed to marry, you are being instructed never to allow your wife to touch your head else you risk going mad and also losing everything. A marriage where your wife cannot touch or rob your bald head is not marriage. 

In some other cases, your wife’s womb is taken, which implies that she can’t bear a child. It is also funny how you’ll join the innocent woman to visit one hospital to the other and one church programme to the other on the pretext that you are seeking medical and spiritual help so you would have a baby.

Killing, stealing and destroying to make wealth is the way of the devil, (for Satan cometh not but to steal, to kill, and to destroy”………..). The wealth given to you by the devil doesn’t always end well.

By this article, my advice goes thus;

-  “No gree for anybody” that would advise you into making money by taking human life.

-  “No gree for anybody” that would want to lure you into giving out your manhood to make wealth.

-  “No gree for anybody” that would encourage you to scam people to make money.

-  “No gree for anybody” that will want to show you the fast way of making money if it’s illegal or immoral.

-  “No gree for anybody” that would want to introduce you to hookup so you’ll cash out fast.

Wait for your time while focusing on learning the principles of wealth creation and ACTING accordingly. It is better to grow gradually than to seek instant wealth from the devil. This is because the devil would never give you anything without taking something far better from you, than what he has given you.




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