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Police Warn Against Violence as Labour Gives Fresh Conditions for Protest

The police have cautioned against any form of violence during the planned two-day demonstration by organized labor to protest the hardships and high cost of living in Nigeria. This warning comes as the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) gave fresh conditions ahead of the minimum wage negotiation starting today (Monday).

The police warning is in response to concerns raised by the African Development Bank (AfDB) about the potential for social unrest in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Angola, and Kenya due to rising fuel and commodity prices.

On February 8, the NLC and the Trade Union Congress gave a two-week ultimatum to the government to implement agreements on palliatives for workers affected by policies such as the fuel subsidy removal. The unions have mobilized their members for nationwide protests scheduled for February 27 and 28.

Despite the hardships faced by workers, the NLC emphasized that any minimum wage decision must reflect economic realities and address the current hardship. The NLC is using factors such as the cost of living, consumer price index, and real wages to determine a fair minimum wage.

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