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Peter Obi Calls for Urgent Review of 2024 Budget Amidst Security and Economic Concerns

Peter Obi

The 2023 Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, has called for a comprehensive review of the 2024 budget, expressing serious concerns about the nation's worsening security situation, widespread poverty, food insecurity, and failing infrastructure.

In a statement released on Monday via X, Obi's appeal comes amidst controversies surrounding the current budget and its resource allocations.

"After closely monitoring the controversies surrounding the 2024 budget and examining some of its provisions and resource allocations, I respectfully appeal for a complete review of the entire budget," he stated.

Urging prompt action from both the executive and legislative branches, Obi stressed the urgency of the situation, saying, "The Executive and Legislative arms should promptly review the budget as it is still early in its implementation to enable them to swiftly reallocate resources to critical areas."

Obi emphasized the need to allocate sufficient funds to vital sectors such as security, poverty alleviation, food security, and electricity supply.

"The nation's resources should be appropriately channeled to crucial areas like security, combating poverty, addressing hunger and food insecurity, improving power supply, especially given the challenging times we are facing," he emphasized.

Obi highlighted the nation's challenges with hunger, food insecurity, and inadequate power supply.

"We have become one of the most food-insecure nations globally and one of the most challenging countries to live in, with food prices consistently soaring beyond the reach of most Nigerians. Power supply is extremely poor, and most Nigerians are now living in complete darkness, with over 60% lacking access to electricity," he lamented.

"We now have the unfortunate distinction of having the highest number of out-of-school children, with approximately 20 million children out of school. We must remove our children from the streets and ensure they have access to basic education.

"I, therefore, urge our executive and legislative arms to consider the numerous challenges facing our nation and reallocate resources to these critical areas. This is a time for significant sacrifice," Obi concluded.

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