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Tinubu Set to Inaugurate Aviation and Agricultural Projects in Minna

President Bola Tinubu will today (Monday) inaugurate the renamed Minna International Airport, agro-processing zone, and agricultural equipment.

The airport, first inaugurated by former military Head of State Ibrahim Babangida on June 20, 1990, was renamed Bola Ahmed Tinubu International Airport, Minna, by Governor Umar Bago of Niger on Friday.

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The remodelled airport was previously closed due to the cut-off runway, but now it has a fully furnished domestic terminal.

About 2,000 hectares will be used for the agro-processing zone project; 1,000 hectares for drip irrigation and greenhouses and 1,000 hectares for processing of dairy products.

“Niger State sells an average of half a million cattle to Nigerians and people outside Nigeria daily.

“We don’t need to transport these cattle by road. You can take the meat that is frozen from the airport anywhere and it will create employment and enhance value chain.

“We are constructing about 140 kilometres of water irrigation channels to this place from Shiroro Dam. This project is an ambitious 50-year programme, but the first phase will be finished in the next few years.

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