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Too Hard To Crush - Rev. Joseph Ajor (Prof.)

Rev. Joseph Ajor (Prof.)

The light in us shines from our innermost being and eventually begins to shine outside. The glory and power of God dwell in earthly vessels (human beings). 

Giving up in the days of adversity means that your strength is small. We live in a world of adversities but giving up should not be an option.

Even in the bible, the apostles faced a lot of trials and tribulations and most of them died as martyrs. 

The devil gets to fight Christians more because we are acting against him. The fact that you are a Christian does not mean that you will not pass through difficult situations. 

Never allow your Christianity to be based on perishable things. Sometimes God allows difficult things to come to us so that his glory can be seen by all in the end. It may not be because of your sins. 

Do not allow loneliness and men's expectations to crush you because everything is created in his glory and for his glory alone. 

Have you been persecuted? Have you been downcast? Learn to trust in God no matter what. God is God and will forever remain God. 

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