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TRAGEDY: Man Requires Medical Help After Coconut Gets Stuck During S*xual Act

Doctors were in shock after having to remove a coconut from a man’s bum in a s*x experiment gone wrong.

A 56-year-old man from Taiwan was rushed to hospital after the pain became too much.

He started suffering from abdominal pain and severe constipation after failing to remove the coconut by himself.

The coconut had been wedged inside him for the last two days after he used it for s*xual stimulation while masturbating.

Director of the general medical surgery at the E-Da Hospital, Dr Chen Zhiyi warned local residents of the dangers of such an act.

He said: “This was a very rare case. The patient was lucky to still be alive. Fortunately, he did not suffer serious internal damage. He was told not to do it again. The patient admitted that he put the coconut into his rectum in search of stimulation.”

The doctor’s tireless efforts and brain wrecking to figure out the best way for the large fruit to be removed eventually landed on the idea of an operation after the patient’s manual attempts to push it out naturally failed.

Surgeons then landed on their last resort option of operating on the patient in a procedure called a “laparotomy operation”.

The doctor’s efforts were a success, safely pulling the 7.5cm by 5.7cm coconut from his abdominal cavity which was drained 2,000ml of urine that had built up over the two days.

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