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10 Years Old Boy K!lls Himself After Being B¥llied at School

A 10-year-old boy with “big plans for the future” has taken his own life.

Sammy Teusch, from Greenfield, Indiana, d!ed by su!cide on May 5 and, according to his family, he was being bull!ed up until the night he passed away.

The boy had been bull!ed again and again at school over his teeth and his glasses, relatives said.

Funeral services were held Wednesday, May 15, for the Indiana boy who loved to fish and had “the best smile,” while his anguished parents struggled to understand why their child took his own life.

Sammy was in the fourth grade at Greenfield Intermediate School and had been bull!ed by his classmates, according to his parents.

He k!lled himself on May 5 in his bedroom, his family said.

Sammy was remembered as a boy who “knew no stranger, meant no harm to anyone, never sat still, had the biggest heart along with the best smile,” according to his online obituary. Sammy “had big plans for the future.”

Sam Teusch, the child’s father, said he and his wife had contacted the school 20 times to report Sammy was being emotionally and physically bull!ed at school, and had recently been b£aten up on a school bus and had his glasses broken.

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