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Cross River State Police Command Launches Drones/UAV Aerial Surveillance Operations Training

The Cross River State Police Command inaugurated a training program for Drones/UAV Aerial Surveillance Operations on May 14, 2024, at the Police Officers' Mess in Calabar. The initiative aims to enhance the state's security apparatus by integrating cutting-edge technology into its surveillance efforts.

Key Attendees:

- CP G.A. Grimah, PSC, FCAI (Commissioner, Cross River State Police Command)

- Senator Prince Bassey EDET Otu (State Security Adviser to the Executive Governor, Cross River State)

- Facilitators

- Members of the Command Management Team

- Media Representatives

- Over 20 Personnel Participants

Purpose and Objectives:

The training program was designed to equip personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate drones effectively for aerial surveillance purposes. By harnessing the capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the Cross River State Police Command aims to enhance situational awareness, improve response times, and bolster overall security within the state.


The event commenced with opening remarks by CP G.A. Grimah, highlighting the importance of embracing technology to combat crime effectively. Senator Prince Bassey EDET Otu emphasized the state government's commitment to providing necessary support for initiatives aimed at enhancing security.

Facilitators then conducted practical sessions on drone operation, including flight control, data collection, and analysis techniques. Participants engaged in hands-on exercises to familiarize themselves with the UAVs and their functionalities.

The training also included discussions on privacy and legal considerations regarding drone usage in law enforcement activities. Media representatives were briefed on the objectives of the program and its potential impact on security operations in the state.


The inauguration of the Drones/UAV Aerial Surveillance Operations Training marks a significant step forward for the Cross River State Police Command in modernizing its security infrastructure. By embracing innovative technologies, such as drones, the command demonstrates its commitment to staying ahead of evolving security challenges.

With the support of key stakeholders, including the state government and media, the initiative is poised to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of law enforcement efforts in Cross River State. The knowledge and skills gained from this training will enable personnel to conduct aerial surveillance operations more efficiently, ultimately contributing to a safer environment for all residents.

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