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Passenger Train Derails With Scores Onboard

passenger boarding train

A passenger train derailed in the early hours of Wednesday between Kaduna and Abuja, leaving numerous passengers stranded and sparking widespread concern

The train, which was carrying an unknown number of passengers, derailed at an unspecified location along the route.

The incident, which occurred in the early hours of Wednesday, has sparked confusion and panic among relatives of passengers, who are seeking information on the whereabouts and safety of their loved ones.

A relative of one of the passengers who identified herself as Aishat Ado told newsmen that her sister called to inform her of the derailment but could not ascertain their current destination.

“My sister just called me and said their train had derailed but she could not mention her location before her phone went off. I tried calling her back several times but the phone seems off.”

When contacted, the spokesperson for the Nigeria Railway Corporation, Yakub Mahmood, refused to comment insisting that a press statement would be released later in the day.

When asked if the passengers were fine, Mahmood said, “Please wait for the statement my brother.”

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