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You Are More Than This – Rev. John Ololo


Rev. John Ololo (Associate Pastor, Assemblies of God 91 Nelson Mandela road, Calabar.

Text: Matthew 15:21-27, Luke 16:18-21

The Christmas season is all about the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, and as such no one is permitted to kill themselves about what to eat, drink or wear. 

God’s mercy has kept us thus far, not our personal struggles. Most person live and accomplish beyond their income because of the mercy and grace of God upon their lives.

What you think you don’t want, some other people are desiring to possess. A man like Lazarus in the book of Matthew 15:21-27 desired to be fed by the crumbs from the rich man’s table and the woman whose child was inflicted by demons stated that even dogs feed from the crumbs that falls from the children’s table. God has kept you and me in 2020 and has not allowed us to beg or depend on crumbs.

It’s true that there have been series of challenges around us but God has not allowed us to look like what we’ve been through. We are more than live challenges and circumstances because God is by our side and we cannot be defeated.

Human beings often look outwardly on the surface and make assumptions even without knowing an individual’s live challenge. 

Scriptures encourages all to be happy, contented and trust also in God for a fulfillment of his promise of abundant blessing rather than conclude that all is lost. Wear a smile every morning, support and assist others with the little you have. In so doing you attract more of God’s blessing.

There are people whose yesterday were bad and live to them seemed frustrating. They felt God had forgotten them. But, when all hope was lost God showed up and turned around their live situation and today they are men and women to be reckoned with.

God is never too late in his time, keep the right attitude while trusting in God and even before the end of the year 2020, a miracle will locate you in Jesus Name – Amen.


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