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The Battle And The Cripple

ust imagine that Osama Bin Laden the great terrorist announced before time his disastrous attack on America; also imagine that you were per-informed of the last rubbery attack you experienced.
America wouldn’t have sat back and face the disaster, they would have raised barriers and setup troops against Osama’s attack, and I know that you also would have either ran away or called security agents to protect you from the rubbers.
No wonder an African proverb says that “A battle foretold cannot kill the cripple”.
Every human takes to their hills at the foresight of battle. The rich usually fly out of the country with their family members while the poor will always run to the city of refuge or a refugee’s camp. This is how much we human dread battle and natural disasters which only has the power to destroy only our flesh.
But the scripture teaches us to fear only him that can destroy both the body and the soul in hell. Hell is a terror, more to be dreaded than the physical battle, hell and eternity has been foretold but it’s quite unfortunate that man who has no ability to survive hell has refused to make hair while the sun shines.
Like the cripple, who wouldn’t wait for the battle to catch up with him but escapes before it’s too late, we are encouraged to run for our dear life. Sin is the web the devil uses to trap us down for hell (Rom. 6:23). Jesus is the refugee camp and we are encouraged to run into Him now.
It is quite unfortunate that this battle has no stipulated day and time. So many are already swallowed up by this battle. Therefore, the time to run to Jesus is now, because tomorrow may be too late. “…Now is the day of salvation” 2 Corinthians 6:2.  Do not harden your heart in rebellion to God – Hebrews 3:15.
Eternity has been foretold, make today is the acceptable time, run to Jesus Christ now. And never forget that the battle foretold never kills a cripple.
God bless you.

Written By: Omai, Oluchi Sylvanus.

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