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The Script Writer's Asset

Photo of a writer's hand


A writer's most useful asset is not his pen, neither is it his writing pad, it is not even his good articulation and grammar or choice of words.
But, I posit that a writer's most valuable asset is his/her brain. which is the mind and thought life.
From the brain, the mind or our thought life springs everything writable, readable and even actable. If we must write what we see, it needs to be well interpreted by the brain, if we mu
 st also write what we also hear and perceive, the same phenomena applies.

The ability to reason critically and constructively becomes the priority to every writer who intends to be outstanding in his/her scriptwriting career or any other writing.   Therefore, I affirm that a man who thinks nothing, will always write nothing, say nothing, create nothing and also act nothing. For all these are a function of the mind...
Written By: 
Omai, Oluchi S.

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