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                PROTECT YOUR FOREST
       Every tree and forest is inside the seed,and the fruit is in the tree and the seed in the fruit and the tree in the seed... You cannot have the tree and the fruit without the seed. And if you despise the seed, you despise it's content.
    God never throws seeds away, if you kill a seed, you kill a forest... In every failure, God hides great success, God saw the first five (5) books of the Bible in a killer (Moses), in a smelly small shepherd boy David, God saw a great King. In Rehab the prostitute, God saw the lineage of Jesus the messiah... GOD HIDES GREATNESS IN THE MOST UNLIKELY PLACES...The seed is the key to life.
      In you is more than just a seed, your future is not ahead of you, your future is inside of you... Abortion is not the termination of pregnancy, but it is the termination of a Destiny.
      The future of the seed is in the seed. So, you don't go to your future, you release ur future day by day. "As great as your future is, the key to becoming what you are meant to be is dependent on your environment" (Myles Monroe).
      The prove of your destiny is the dream you can't get rid of. They are not just imaginations, they are revelations of your destiny.
       Its easier to kill a seed than cut down a tree. Be careful because friends, parents and life challenges can kill it.
       Protect your forest! Above all, protect your seed!

Written By: Omai, Oluchi Sylvanus
(Info. from Die Empty by Myles Monroe)

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