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It was a dark and terrorful night, the waves and tempest rose against us. Yet, we sailed at his command. Though terrified, yet being skillful seamen, we moved ahead despite the contrary wind.

Soon, our fear and terror was magnified at the glimpse of a being approaching us. To our greatest surprise, He walked upon the sea. “It must be a ghost” we thought in our fear.
But, He said to us “Take courage! It is I, don’t be afraid.” Then, I courageously said to him. “Lord, if it’s you, tell me to come to you on the water”. What was I thinking of? Could it be that I was dreaming or did I suddenly forget that it was upon the sea and not on bare ground that I desired to walk on?
Still waiting anxiously in the boat for his reply, His voice echoed “Come”. Then, courageously I stepped out, amidst the wave and turbulent sea, I stepped out. It was a mystery I couldn’t understand, but with my eyes fixed on him who called me, “I walked on the sea.”
They were amazed and dumbfounded who were with me in the boat. “So, Peter can walk on the sea” they whispered to themselves, yet I moved on. Then, I turned to count miles I have covered on the sea, while I said to myself, “So, I also walk on the sea.” I still had miles yet uncovered, but as I turned to count miles covered, I saw the raging sea, full of terror and so turbulent, the thunder storm, the sea waves and darkness surrounded me on every side, then it done on me as I looked down that I have walked and even stood on a non-solid form of matter (liquid), “this is unimaginable” I thought.
Then, I doubted my ability to cover the remaining miles towards Him who called me because I thought it was all by my strength that I did walk on the sea. Self stepped in, fear encompassed me, I have lost sight of him who called me. Then I began to sink. 
It is amazing how Peter who moved with great mandate and under divine instruction from Jesus Christ could sink. The sea upon which he walked suddenly became clumsy, his feet got stocked and his progress retarded, yet he had the master’s call. 
Then, I peter looked up and cried to the master “Lord save me” and immediately, he who called me reached out his hand and caught me “You of little faith” He said “Why did you doubt?” Then we both climbed into the boat and the turbulent sea died down. (Matthew 14:22 – 32).
Isn't it amazing how we fall along the way in our pursuit of life and ministry, yet having the master’s call and mandate?
Doubt is a snare, a pitfall the devil uses to keep us retarded. It shows us our weaknesses rather than out strength, it makes us see closed doors instead of the ones opened before us, it keeps showing us our failed yesterday instead of the success and brightness of tomorrow which lies ahead of us. When we despise doubt, fear is dispelled and our future becomes successful and brighter.
Therefore, our success in life and ministry is not dependent on achievements made, not even on height ever attained or the wisdom we possess. But, it totally dependent on our faith, obedience in service, trust and moreover focus on him who called us out of the boat.

Written By:

Omai, Oluchi Sylvanus
Mon.15/01/2018. 10:05am

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