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For purpose of emphasis, I will be dealing with each item in the above topic dependently. 
But, on a general note, a good and perfect act is built on good vision (foresight). Even the ability to interpret the role of a blind man in a play or movie needs vision (sight).
Therefore, vision by which by implication is good sight, is essential and needful for successful acting.
On the other hand, I will also deal with vision in the context of envisaging the future, which is the ability to plan for the future. But first, lets look at acting.

Acting could be referred to as the art of performing fictional roles in plays, drama and films. It could also be seen as an activity in which a story is being told by means of script writing and the story is being interpreted into play by actors, by adopting characters in the story.
- Acting can be learned
- Acting can be a talent or skill.

There are diverse classes of acting; but for this study we will be looking at just a few and they are;

SCENE STUDY AND TECHNIQUE CLASS: This presupposes the study scenes in between lines and the rightful application of technique for each scene breakdown

AUDITIONING CLASS:  This class teaches how to breakdown scripts (Script Analysis) especially during auditions; what to do during an audition and how to get approval from the casting panel.

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Written by Unyime Iyoho

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