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O Love That Holds By Grace Oji

                         Meter 8:10:8:10:10

Pencil work by Grace Orji

O love that holds me to him close,
Deep in sin, I did lay and wallow,
This state was to me unknown,
Without my request, He died, my Savior,
And gave unto me repentance, a gift.

O love who keeps me in his arms,
And washes me that I become snow white
Without a spot, before God right.
Gives me a new life and walks by my side,
He is my salvation and I am His child.

O love who  swallows up my soul,
In Him and always I am immersed the whole
His sweet hands patterned and control
The waves of design on me as a bowl
A vessel to fill up and make me whole.

O love that made my life begin, and
Knew before me love men like Him,
In caring, Him in me, living; through
me, men loving.

Romans 5:8
“But, God commended His love towards
us, in that, while we were yet sinners,
Christ died for us"

                Composed by
                - Grace Orji

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