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In life, People are not interested in your challenges, but there are interested in how you overcame those challenges.

They are not interested in your limitations, but rather how you broke out of your limitations. 
Your background means nothing to them, but the grounds on which you end up is of utmost interest to them.

No man is interested in how many times you failed, but their interest is in the fact that you succeed at last.
So, why make complains out of challenges no man is interested in?  Why limit yourself by human ideology and lack of belief in your personality? Why magnify the inabilities of your parents rather than consciously breaking out of it? Why do you sit regretting the chances you never took yesterday or the chances you manhandled yesterday?

Wake up to reality!!! Everyday comes with success potentials. They lie at your doorstep but, you have to walk out of yesterday in order to access the beauty of tomorrow (success).

Flee from self pity, because self pity is a dungeon whose only way out is personal and concrete believe in one's inert abilities and in the great success inherent in tomorrow.

Success belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, even if they fail today, they still believe in the success that awaits them tomorrow and never build excuses from their failure of yesterday or today.

By Omai, Oluchi Sylvanus

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