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So I stood dumbfounded as he told tales of his great achievements. How he excelled in wisdom in every area of life. Graduated at an early age of 22 and got his first job at 23, got married at 25 and has since then excelled in life. He spoke so boldly that I forgot I was in the public until I was forced back to the consciousness of where I was by the tears which rolled down my chicks. I sobbed bitterly, seeking for a hide out just to safe my seemingly overgrown face from shame and further taunt.
So life can be this easy, Rosy, smooth and stress free? Yet at age 29 I haven’t achieved a tip of that which my father and mentor achieved at 23. I saw nothing but disappointment in the young man I have become. Then, I felt I lived in a different world from that which my father and mentor lived in, because daily challenges which seem insurmountable stood before me face to face, stirring at me eyeball to eyeball.
I have lived trying to impress my father and the people around me, but each time I tried, failure always led the way. Then I said to myself “I have well past the age for good success, my tears became my food daily.
As I sat sulking in disappointment, I felt a hand on my fallen right shoulder and a soothing voice which spoke my name “Oluchi.” I turned around sobbing, but to my greatest amazement, I found no one. Fear crawled into my pain; I felt it was over, I thought it was time to go home far away from this world of pain.
Then came the soothing voice with a question and this was our conversation;
Are you sure they were great men who lived upon the face of the earth?
Yes…! Great men lived and are still living on earth. My mentor tells me about them, my father will never cease to compare me with them. I read about them and some are used as examples in churches during sermon.
They all were men like you. Flesh and blood…
No…! They had exceptions. They never had fears and failures; they had no pains to deal with like I do!
Mention their names.
Abraham Lincoln.
He had a very poor background. He also lost many times in the Presidential election of the United States before he finally won.
He was an introvert, had low self esteem. That means he had little or no belief in himself.
Apostle Paul.
He had trouble on every side, hardship and distress. He was beaten and imprisoned even when he pursued the right course (Gospel).
Alhaji Aliko Dangote
It took him 30 years to get to where he is today. He was once a mere trader.
{Thought for a while} Our Lord Jesus Christ.
{Giggled for a while, then whispered} He had a CROSS.
 Then, I wept sore, while this voice tore me in pieces with words, these words recreated my personality. though soaked in tears, i heard every bit of what he said to me.
There is no man without a challenge, even your father and mentor also had and still have a cross, a challenge they keep surmounting and must continually surmount. Every great and successful man is that man who has overcome his battles and stood tall.
Then it done on me that life is not a “BED OF ROSES”. Everyone has a fight He/She must win, a battle to conquer and a challenge to overcome. Whether of family background or the pursuit for realization of one’s dream. Parents and mentors, even religious leaders must be open enough to educate especially the young minds on the reality of challenges in the pursuit of their dreams and purpose in life and the benefits of resilience.
Never compare the young people of this present day to that of generations past. But, rather teach them how you overcame your challenges, teach them how to be resilience and persistent in life. Let them see you as men who have experienced what they now experience. Scripture says “For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched by the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin” – Hebrews 4:15.
Jesus felt all that we now feel and overcame, therefore he became a perfect example for us all. Teach them to “leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today” according to Abraham Lincoln. Let them know that “to build a successful business, you must start small and dream big. In the journey of entrepreneurship, tenacity of purpose is supreme” according to Alhaji Aliko Dangote.
Finally, teach them to trust and rely confidently on God and always say like Abraham Lincoln “Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right”.
Success will only come when young people are mentored and fathered rightly.
At this time, my tears where dried up and my fears disappeared. My spirit and everything in me was motivated and reawakened to pursue my dreams and divine purpose.
If others can, I too can and you too can be great. Let no man despise your youthfulness.

Written By
Omai, Oluchi Sylvanus
This creation is strictly a work of fiction. But, poised to motivating you!!!


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