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Though engrossed in that overcrowded and noisy environment, chatting with friends as usual. Yet, I saw that which seemed invisible to others, that which threw my lips ajar; I caught a glimpse of her. Never in my life have I been distracted in such a manner. Unconsciously like a camera following after a character on set, my head did pan with my eyes fixed on her like a follow spot light. Then, amidst the crowd, irrespective of my friends and other beautiful ladies, foolishly I followed her.
Confused and distracted by the crowd at times and though I lost trail of her at some points, yet searching for her seemed more palatable than settling for the rest.
Soon, I found her, tender skinned, adorable and beautifully made. Then I loved and treasured her with the whole of my heart.
This one thing I never understood, the longer time we spent together, the deeper she became. My quest unsatisfied, my goals un-reached and confusion becomes the order of the day. Yet, giving up on her or forsaking her has never been an option.
I was told she wasn’t my class, but I couldn’t stop running after her because I knew that the reason she isn’t in my class is because we studied under different tutors who taught us different things in different class rooms. So, I migrated from my class to her classroom just so that I could bridge the class gap, though I seemed foolish before those I left in pursuit of her.
In order to fathom her indwelling beauty, I traded my night rest for studies and deprived myself food for want of that which will sustain her beauty. Quite unfortunate for me, most time she keeps me waiting under a tree shade, she makes me desire her daily. Her silence made me hunger more for her and her words were my source of inspiration.
I have followed her foolishly and will not forsake her, no matter what friends and family may say. Not even for the beautiful ladies clustering and pestering my life. I will rather kneel, begging and weeping than let her slip away from my hands.
Continually following her seems demeaning and foolish yet, in her is hidden wealth and long life. Loving her endeared me to her parents and siblings. They became more like a family to me and this increased the gossip among my friends.
One thing kept me glued to her, the words of a wise man. In his words, he said love her, get her parent and forsake not her siblings. He said to me “Do not forsake her and she will preserve you, love her and she will keep you”. He also taught me exalt her because therein lies my promotion and to embrace her daily if I must get honor. He also told me that she will give to my head an ornament of grace and deliver to me a crown of glory.
Finally, he said to me ”take fast hold of her, do not let her go: keep her; for she is your life”.  
Let’s pause here while I solve this long puzzle and answer the questions clustering your mind. “Am I the one he is talking about? If not, then who is referring to? Who is she?... Click here to read more. 

Written By:
Oluchi Omai

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