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The Quest For His Glory By Rev. (Amb.) Theodore B. Effiong

REv. (Amb.) Theodore Effiong

The word “QUEST” means to hunt, search diligently or investigate. The quest for God’s Glory means the pursuit of his glory and not just the anointing. To search diligently, investigate and hunt the Glory of God. The Glory will not just come to you; you must go all out for it. Revival comes when we put a demand on the glory of God that is passing by.

TEXT: SONGS OF SOLOMON 5:2-6, JOSHUA 3:3, EXODUS 33:1-3, 14-18, 21-22
In the book of songs of Solomon chapter 5, we see the story of Solomon and his many wives, here Solomon went to the bed-chamber of one of his many wives and knocked, she was already asleep. He kept knocking, she knew he was the one knocking but, being tired and still feeling sleepy, she delayed. Maybe thinking of how to dress up to attend to him after washing her feet. Before she could decide, her lover had disappeared. This is a typical example of God and us, his beloved bride. When God wakes you at night, when His move of Glory comes your way, when He speaks and you do not respond, he walks away and you search for him and never see him again. We must learn to respond instantly to Gods move. He is a jealous lover, just like a man withdraws from a woman who denies him conjugal rights. May God help us to always respond immediately when He speaks.

The church is about to enter the promised land. Knowledge precedes Glory. In Joshua 3:3, Joshua encouraged the Israelites to pursue the ark when they see the priest carrying it out. The ark represents the Glory of God.
After Israel had sinned, God told Moses that he will send his angels to go with him but no more His person because Israel had sinned. Today, so many churches are doing all the programs, but they don’t know that God’s glory had left them. Moses was not satisfied with having an angel go with him, that was why he chose to quit leading Israel except God led the way. Moses persistent hunger and desire for God’s presence earned him a promise of God’s glory going with him. He never stopped there, he desired to see the glory of God. He cried “Show me your Glory”. Anointing is different from the glory. You can swim in iniquity and still manifest the anointing, but not in the glory realm. We are in the age of Gods glory and must do away with sin.
Our daily prayers should be that God show us His glory. The Glory will not come until you go out for it, (Ps. 35:27) you must hunt for the ark. In Mark 6:46, Jesus walked on the stormy sea and wave. The glory realm has power over nature. In fear, his disciples put a demand on Him to enter the enter the ship, He did and the see storm died down.
In Luke 24:21-28, after the death of Christ, he joined two of his disciples talking about his death, though they couldn’t recognize him, but at a junction when he was about to depart from them, they put a demand on him that he tarry with them. That night while they eat, he broke bread and their eyes were open. They saw the glory because they put a demand on him.
In Genesis 18:1-5, Abraham saw three men passing and knew they weren’t just ordinary men, he begged that they stop by to get refreshed. He put a demand for the glory that was passing to enter his house and when they did, the fulfillment of the hanging promise was hastened to fulfillment. That which God promised you is about to pass, you must put a demand on them. Go for it.
Likewise Lot, in Gen. 19:1-3 saw two men who were God incarnate sitting outside, he begged them to enter his house and that was his deliverance from the pending destruction in Sodom.
In Luke 14:44 Jesus wept for Jerusalem, May we not like Jerusalem miss our time of Gods visitation. It’s not a time to be busy and ignoring God’s move.
The woman with the issue of blood though she wasn’t in Jesus agenda for the day, Jesus was headed for the house of Jairus, she left her house and pushed through the crowd and touched Jesus, then he was made whole. You must create time for the glory of God. There is a different between touching and pushing. You must touch God to walk in the glory realm. Blind Bartimus was another man who put a demand on the glory. When Jesus was passing by, he kept screaming “Jesus thou son of David, have mercy on me” despite the crowd trying to shot him up. Jesus stopped and attended to him.
When the glory leaves the church, you no longer have heaven worship, all you have is noise. When the glory comes, noise stops. Men cannot stand when God arises.
Likewise, Zacchaeus desired to see Jesus, despite the crowd and Jesus looking up, asked him to come down. His life changed because he put a demand on the glory that was passing.
Three temples exist; the temple of Moses, the temple of Solomon and You. You must be hungry for the glory of God, do not quench the spirit with delay. Carry the glory of God.
When your love comes, do not delay, do not procrastinate… open up!

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