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God Can Fix It - Rev. Ime Akpan

Rev. Ime Akpan

There’s no situation God cannot fix. God is interested in fixing people who have been written off. Do not write anybody off and do not look down on any body because God can fix such a person and make such a person superior to you. 

Text: Gen 1:1 - 4

In the Beginning, it was recorded that after God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was without form and void, but God fixed it with the words of his mouth. He fixed every single thing and put them in order. 

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There is no man God cannot fix.  God created everything, and can fix every broken thing both on the earth and in humans. God called forth light out of darkness. 

There are things you must do before God can fix you.

 1. You must believe that God is able to fix anything:  Faith must be at work before God can start working. This is applicable to real life scenario where people give out their vehicles to mechanics to fix and they solely premise on the fact such vehicles can be fixed by those persons. 

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2. you must surrender your situations to God:  Most of us still hold on to our problems after telling God about it. our problems will continue to linger when we don’t submit our problems to God in totality; God only handle problems we submit unto him.

3. When God wants to fix a man, He doesn’t give him money, He sends forth His word. It is the word of God that cannot refuse your request. The word of God always come First before healing miracle.

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4. When God wants to fix a man, He puts him in the hearts of Men that can help him. God will never let such people rest until they have carried out their assignment.

5. When God wants to fix a man, He uses his gifts to speak for him. God used the gift of David to bring him to the palace. 

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When you see your children doing some things, leave them to do what they are supposed to do, you may never know if that’s their talents and gifts. When you have gifts, you have relevance. When you discover what you love doing most, develop it. that is your gift. 

And God who is in the business of fixing men will fix every area of your life in Jesus name - Amen


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