Why We Must Pray – Rev. Chidi Chigbundu

Rev. Chidi Chigbundu

Why We Must Pray 

Text: James 5:16, Luke 18:1

As much as oxygen is important to every human being, that is how much prayer is important to a child of God. As a human being will suffocate and die without oxygen, that is the same way a Christian without prayers will die spiritually. Even the son of God, Jesus Christ, did not survive without prayers, Jesus started and ended with prayers. Because he knew that we cannot survive on this earth without prayers. No matter how bright a destiny is, at some point in life, you won’t achieve anything without prayers. 

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Daniel, was a man of prayer that was why he succeeded in a strange land, his star was still shinning even when he was in a land that was not his own. 

Esther, was a woman of prayer that was why she found favour in the sight of all the people she met. 

In the book of Luke 3:21, it was recorded that after he (Jesus) prayed, the heavens were open. Jesus was God in human flesh and he prayed to succeed in ministry, how much more we his followers on earth. Even before he chose his disciples in the book of Luke 6:12 he prayed first. 

“Prayers position you to face challenges in life.” 

When you pray regularly, we don’t need to pray much when challenges come, because you are already rooted in prayer. The grace of God on you will not stop challenges from coming your way, but a man with God will overcome them. 

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God will always emerge victoriously after every challenge. Jesus always handled situations in his secret altar and when he comes out, situations bow to him even without praying for them.

Prayer keeps you in charge of your environment both in the physical and spiritual; Jesus, in the book of Luke 22:46 told his disciples to pray in order not to fall into temptation. 

The only thing that keeps you connected to your source of existence is prayers. Prayers God to interfere in the affairs of men Psalm 115:16. God makes it clear that the earth is our responsibility so if He is not invited to our business, He does not interfere. 

There is nothing difficult for God to do once He is invited into any case. 

Until you are backed up by God, you cannot go beyond a certain level in life.

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In the book of 1 Corinthians 16: 9, God makes us to understand that we will always have oppositions whenever a door is opened unto us that is why we need to be prayerful at all times. 

This first month of the year, connect to this 29 day of prayers as you join us every evening by 5.pm at Assemblies of God church 91 Nelson Mandela. God bless you as you come.  

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