Quarrels - Rev. B. A. C. Akaninwo (Rtd)

Rev. B. A. C. Akaninwo (Rtd)

Text: Matthew 1:21; Matthew 5:8

God quarrel, Jesus quarrels, husbands and wives quarrels. But one thing is that we must quarrel to understand ourselves.

The ministry of Jesus Christ was so enticing and attracted a lot of followers. At some point, the disciples of John the Baptist complained of people following Jesus. People loved his miracles, the food he gave them and in John chapter 6 they desired to make him king. But, he told them that their desire to make him king was because of all they received from him (the food and miracles) and advised them to seek that which will not perish. 

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The Ministry of Jesus can be summarized in 3 sentences;

1. He came to rescue man from self-inflicted injury. He volunteered to come and die for man a shameful dead, even though many have not realized and accept that.

2. He came to restore man to his lost estate. Jesus came to restore what man freely handed over to the devil. 

3. He came to teach us the way so that we will not make the same mistake twice.

Jesus in the book of Matthew revealed that he came to pay the price for his friends, to offer them redemption. 

Redemption means 3 things;

1. To pay the highest price that no on other can pay.

2. To loosen from the stake of danger: Every sinner is tired to the stake. In the spiritual realm every sinner has an inscription “condemn criminal.” So, the devil can do anything with them. Jesus came to pay the price and to redeem them. “For there is no remission of sin without blood” and a sinless blood was needed. Because all have sinned and come short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). Only the blood of Jesus could atone for the sins of man.

3. To lead out of danger: This conveys to us the purpose of Christs’ visit to earth. 

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In the gospel we are told Jesus had 5 major quarrels.

1. He quarreled with his parents. Parents and best friend can misunderstand you when you go about doing God's business. He confronted them when they expected him to do as they wished. He made them realize that he must be after his father's business. You must be after God's business.

2. Jesus quarreled with the Pharisees. They were more accessible to the brethren but they had the form of godliness yet without purity. They were mere religious. Jesus came to teach how to maintain what was rescued from the devil. But, they (the Pharisees) were interested in what they could get and not the will of God or what God wants. You can't do so with Jesus. That was why he called them white paint sepulcher. It is written that blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. They knew when his mother was married and when he was born, are you greater than Abraham our father? they asked him and he said to them “before Abraham, I was”

3. With religious leaders. When Jesus set his face to go to Jerusalem, the religious leaders did not understand him. Religious leaders are supposed to be carriers of a higher level of anointing and to give directions. But, when your eye is off the mark and concerned with what you receive, then, you are finished. Jesus confronted them and told them that they were concerned with what they got only. That also lead to a quarrel. 

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Jesus took those that were being led when going to Jerusalem not the leaders. They never had a leading to know that things where changing. Only those who were led sang hosanna in the highest but the same religious leaders tried to stop them. They never knew God had shifted the mantle. God deals with individuals. He let them know that God can raise stones to worship him. Beyond the literal meaning of raising stones, it also means that they will be some among them that no persecution can stop, those he will use to build the Church. They will outlive persecution and pains.

4. With His disciples. They were running from pillars to post, finding who will take one office or the other. They lacked understanding of who Jesus was and his purpose on earth. Even Elizabeth, asked Jesus to keep favour her sons and keep them by his side, one on the left and the other on the right hand, Seeking position. Jesus response was “are they able to drink from the cup which I drink?”.

5. The nation of Israel. Jesus came to his people and they knew him not. His own never knew him. How will he fulfill his mandate? He told great religious leaders to be born again in John 3, most people in the church are not born again and that is the undoing of the church. Being born again is the indwelling of Jesus Christ and the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Is your life in line with God's way? Paul will say I die daily, it is not I that live but Christ that lives in me. 

You must be born again. He that is born of the spirit is spirit, he born of the flesh is flesh. The benefit of the new birth is that there is no condemnation for them who are in Christ and work not after the flesh, no power can condemn you. You are made more than conquerors by Christ who strengthens you. The only table the devil stands to condemn you is sin. (Sin is ungodliness.) 

There are people who travel for Christmas celebration and will never live exemplary life as Christians. You must not go to hell, because there is no repentance in hell. Jesus in Matthew 24 said that hell is for devil and his agent. 

The people enjoyed when Jesus fed them and blessed them but when he told them that they must be born again, they abused him. They said they knew when he was born and even his parents. It is the responsibility of every parent to raise their children in a godly way. Which of your children will you like to donate to the devil? Parents must guide and raise godly children. It is also the responsibility of man to help the wife to serve God better.

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One benefit of the new birth is that no power can condemn you. The qualification for heaven is the state of your heart. Proverbs 4:23

You must be prepared; the saints are going home. Everyday a saint goes home. What will it profit you if you gain the whole world and lose your soul.

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