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2 KINGS 2:1-4, MALACHI 4:5-6, 2 KINGS 3:11B
The act of teaching, advising, training and coaching other people, to help them move from the place of obscurity to the place of relevance in life and ministry is termed Mentorship. Mentors have what it takes to pull one out of obscurity. A mentor is a trusted guide, he or she facilitates the fulfillment of destiny.  There is no individual that can get to his or her destiny all alone, you need others. When you do not have a mentor, you are slowed down in life. A good mentor will assist you develop your potentials. Unfortunately, many have died with their gifts in them because they had no mentor.
God have positioned you so that you can add value to the life of others. The impact you make in the world is not about what you carry but your ability to bring them out. And only mentors can help bring out these potentials. Mentorship can be done from far or near.
There is a difference between mentors and fathers, according to 1 Corinthians 5:15, you can have so many mentors but one father in ministry.
Mentorship is not about position or title, it’s not for popularity but to develop and add value to people. Mentors are to model excellence, groom people so that they can groom others.
In life, two personalities are involved; those you refer to and those who refer to you. You can only qualify to mentor others when you have mentors. The joy of mentors is to raise many. They are not threatened by the success of their mentee. A correct mentor offers his shoulder for others to stand and see better their destiny. Do not make yourself an idol to your mentee; they must not consult you before doing everything. Allow them the privilege to explore what you have taught them. As much as you can, pour into them all they need. Have people who don’t just carry your spirit but can distribute your grace. Every good mentor, releases their spirit and grace on people they mentor.
According to Bsihop Oyedepo, mentors are like fathers, they give feathers, and without feathers you cannot fly.
You cannot become a quality disciple without mentorship. If you have a mentor, you have a double portion anointing. You have the capacity to do double of what your mentor did.
1. They Are Good Trainers: They are not threatened when their mentors swim in firm, they don’t get threatened. They do not suffer from inferiority complex. They are people developers, they can inspire and harness your strength to actualize destiny. No human being has what it takes to become all by himself. It is also needful to locate your Elisha while getting from your Elijah – mentor others. A mentor releases the mentee to fly and watch to correct them. If the church understands the place of mentorship, mistakes and much rubbish in church will not be there. The quality of your mentor affects how far you go. You can’t be better than the man you submit to.
2. They Are Ladders for Their Mentees to Climb On And Get To Higher Heights. So many are roaming unfulfilled because they have no mentors. Some have disregarded the ladder and have made a shipwreck of their life and ministry.
3. They Pull Out The Potentials That Resides Inside The Mentees: “Life is not all about its duration, but its donation” Live your life impacting others – 2 Timothy 4:7-8. One way of bringing out the potentials is to accept responsibilities. You are too loaded to be ordinary.
4. They Teach Sacrificial Living: Proverbs 22:29, some persons want Christianity without paying any price.
5. Mentors Make Us Relevant To Our World: Any good mentor pushes you to do better in life.
6. They Have a Way of Adding Value to Our Life (Gen. 12:2): They are a blessing. You are not yet blessed until you become a blessing to others. They are a channel of blessing. Your worth in life is not determined by how many people who rally round you but it is determined by how many you pour into, you invest in their life. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Your value is about how many get changed because of you. Don’t just fly, help others to fly.
7. Mentors Help You Build Your Self Worth: They don’t talk people down.
8. They Help You Develop Good Character: They model whatever they are marketing. Their character becomes a mirror for their followers. Mentors are not pretenders. You cannot have a destiny that is bigger than your character.
1. ElIjah And Elisha: Elisha served and wasn’t ready to leave his master, even when the master asked him to leave. He wasn’t in a hurry, he served till the end and got the double portion of Elijah’s anointing. So many are not ready to serve. And some have little or no regard for their mentors, yet they seek the blessing of their mentor. The relationship between Elijah and Elisha was beyond that of a mentor and a mentee, it was a relationship of a father and a son.
2. Aquila and Priscilla Mentored Apollos (Act 18:24-26): They never despised Apollos because of his ignorance of the gospel. They took him in to their house and updated him with the word of God. They taught him and in the next chapter he did mightily well.
3. David and The Four Hundred (400) Worthless Men: David saw himself as a people developer. Irrespective of the fact that he wasn’t balanced yet, he was a fugitive, living in a cave yet, he mentored 400 worthless men who later became great warriors.
4. Eunice and Lois Mentored Young Timothy.
5. Philip’s wife mentored her Four (4) Daughter and they became great.
Get Connected to your mentor, discover your mentee and get fulfilled in life and ministry.
God bless you!

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