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Matthew 25:1-13

Jesus used parables to demonstrate divine truths in the Bible. Oil is the energy that gives lamps power to burn. The Spirit of God is the oil of God, he poured it out on  Sampson, David and even on Jesus. No wonder he said the spirit of God is upon me, for he as Anointed me to preach the good news..." It gave light by flowing into the lamps of the 10 virgins as an oil. It teaches that believers in Christ must constantly examine theirselves in light of the coming of Christ. 2Corinthians 13:5, in Jn 14:3, Jesus promised to come back again. The foolish virgin were careless and negligence of the promise of Christ return that was why they were termed foolish. God expects us all to be responsible. True faith and good Relationship with God is a function of the oil. In 1 Corinthians 9:26-27, Paul was saying he isn't like a boxer who throw punches any how, he emphasized that he disciplined himself knowing that irrespective of his personality he could fall prey. The five foolish virgins were not fornicators but were careless in their Christian living. "Spiritual preparation can never be borrowed and cannot be bought at the last minute" God has set his rules and expect us to follow it. 

Light goes out gradually, it is never momentarily. It is a gradual process, salvation is not held in perpetuity but in continuity. You must continually service it. If you have received Christ you must continually live for him. I wonder how many people in the house of God will be in his presence when he returns.


1. Dirty oil can prevent our lamps from burning effectively.

People steal, commit immorality at easy in the church, our lamps are going out. Interested in talent exhibition and not in the giver of the talent. When will people be convicted of sin. Even big men who take girls who aren't their own wife to hotel from church. Our lamps are going out! It is my responsibility to tell you the truth. When a Christian is no longer living by Faith, it is a sign of decay, when your concern is about now, what you can get and not in hope on God for tomorrow, then your lamp is out. That is why people commit suicide, because they live for now and for eternity and salvation is for eternity and not for the now. Your earthly possession does not count, they are all rubbish. Christ is coming back.

2. When a child of God consult men and demonds, it means that his or her light is going out. Lack of faith in God, depending on devilish means for power isn't the salvation of God. Your lamps are going out. The light of the church is the power of the Holy Spirit. When a child of God becomes too comfortable, you no longer see anything as sin, your light is going out. When you see self and do not recognize others, wanting to show off wealth and possessions, it is a sign of decay, you light is going out.  

In John 17, Jesus prayed for his disciples that they may know God. Do we still know and belief in the power of God? Our light is going out. 

Many on that day will say "we did miracle in your name, we preached in your name" and Jesus will say "I know you not". It's not by might, nor by power but by the power of the holy spirit. May God help us not to invent our own fire like Nadab and Abihu. Our light is going out.

My prayer is that the light which has gone out be restored to as many as will yield themselves to God.
God bless you!

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