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HOSEA 6:1 – 3
Revival means reactivating something dynamic that has lost its dynamic capacity. The word revive was used to connote different things in the Bible;
In Nehemiah 4:2 it was used to refer to bringing back life. David in Psalm 138 saw revival as what he needed to face his enemies. In Habakkuk 3:2, revival was seen as bringing back life into the house of God.
Revival is a revolution; revolution is a violent change in the life of any individual. It is the work of God’s spirit that results in a deep longing for God. Revival is when God comes to visit.
Jonathan Edward stated that Revival is God’s major means of extending His love.
Revival also is “When God becomes sick and tired of people who no longer look like Him representing Him and decides to show up by himself. Revival makes a man change his priorities, it makes a man lost value and interest for what other people fight for, It changes the emphasis of a church. When you get the fire of revival as a minister, you will not sit and wait for people to invite you for ministration. You will go out for the dying souls; you pray and will not understand time when revival comes.
The songs from a revived instrument triggers miracles and frightens the devil. Conviction grips a sinner when he meets a revived man. Revival means activating the God in you.
When a revival is sustained for up to twenty (20) years without being broken, it’s called a great awakening.
1. The first great awakening or revival took place in 1730 and lasted till 1755, and it swept Britain and its thirteen colonies. Jonathan Edward, the Yale minster and George Whitefield a minister of the gospel, an actor by training were part of this great move. This move lasted for twenty five (25) years.
2. In 1790 the second great awakening broke out, it ended in1840. This great awakening lasted for 50 years. 
3. The third great awakening took place in the year 1850 and lasted till 1900.
4. The fourth great awakening occurred in the years 1960 to 1980.
This great awakening produced the founder of the Salvation Army; it also produced the man who stopped the slave trade.
For every move of God, there are revival catalysts. It doesn’t just happen, there are people who drive it. All the hymns we sing are products of revival. Every great revival produces its great songs and hymns. Revival melts every strong heart and even the hardest of men cry.
After the Azusa Street revival which took in 1906 to 1913, William Seymour prophesied that another revival will break out after one hundred (100) years.
There is a powerful move of God coming to Africa, I hope you will not disappoint God.
1. We must begin to have a great review of how we walk with God.
2. We must listen again to what God said to King Solomon in 2 Chronicle 7:13-14.
Where there is revival, miracles are rampant. Today, it is hard to see such authentic miracle. My prayer today is that God will tear the heavens and come down. Any man who is not fully revived is like expired drugs, you cannot heal anyone.
3. Pray the kind of apostolic prayers Act 4:30 – 31
4. There must be a passionate pursuit of God’s affection. You go for God until He stops and ask what you want.
When a true revival breaks out, we will have a different country. The herdsmen thrives because they meet a church in coma.
You can become a revival and spread the Revival!

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