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HEBREWS 3:4, GENESIS 2:18, PSALM 127:1

God instituted the home, every woman is an embodiment of good things (Proverbs 18:32). Some women are help meet, others are drain meet.
Revival in the home talks about restoring activeness in the home. When God appears and wakes everyone in the home form spiritual stupor and sleep, revival is said to have occurred in the home. A Christian home is supposed to be a place where great men are trained, the life of children nurtured and molded (Genesis 14:14). 
God has programmed women to be home makers. God’s presence makes a home and not the physical structure or building. Titus 2:4 admonishes young women to play their roles, set the right atmosphere in their homes. The devil is angry with the Christian home and is seriously fighting, that is why so many evil is going on in the Christian homes. Divorcing and remarrying have become the order of the day, even amongst ministers. The devil makes mountain out of a mould hill just to destroy the home.
Parenting is one of the hardest things, raising children is only easy by supernatural parenting (Proverbs 22:6). There is a way and its God’s way.

1. Introduce them to Jesus as early as possible (Colossian 3:16) and fill them with God’s word (Job 1:5).
2. Help them discover God’s purpose for their life.
3. Discipline them when necessary.
4. Teach them to receive correction (Proverbs 15:10b)
5. Help them to choose the right company (Psalm 1:1). Find out who they hang out with (Proverbs 13:20). Association determines destinations.
6. Love them deeply and express the love to them.
7. Show them example by your godly character, display what you teach them. Be a model!
8. Get to know them closely, their studies and personal issues.
9. There is power in the eye and ear gate so, you must be careful of what you allow them watch and listen to.
10. Keep the communication gate open, answer their question or they will ask the wrong people they meet outside.
11. Spend quality time with your children because you are responsible and answerable to God. 
Being too busy for ministry or business and forgetting your children will ruin their lives and yours. Women must be available to their kids especially the girl child.
12. Call them prophetic names – Psalm 16:4
13. Be careful of the words you use on your children.
14. Establish strong and steady family altar – Genesis 18:19

1. You need to help your spouse to be the best that they can be, that is why God brings two people together. Bring in your gifting into the marriage. Every woman has the grace to release life to everyone around them, their husband and children etc. they possess the capacity to multiply.
Every man should endeavor to pour into their wife, encourage her to be great. When you push her down, you push yourself down too. Help your wife to become great, make her. Don’t be scared of her becoming great. It will be to the betterment of the home.
2. Love yourselves deeply and express it practically – 1 John 3:18. Avoid destructive criticism. Show it. Love that is not expressed, is love that is denied (Luke 6:38). Don’t wait for celebrations to appreciate your spouse. Always be grateful (Act 20:35b).
Always admire your spouse, call your spouse beautiful names (Songs of Solomon 7:1, Songs of Solomon 4:9 - 11). Frowning doesn’t make you more spiritual. Smile and always be happy.
3. Enjoy your life and enjoy your marriage (Eccl. 9:9, Proverbs 17:22), have fun. You are the architect of your joy. Happiness is not the absence of trouble, but the ability to overlook it. You will enjoy the fruit of your labour. Be happy, build your home and enjoy it.

a. Words
b. Action
Words and actions builds build or destroys a home. A woman has what it takes to reduce her man and destroy him with her mouth, hence the need for the right word. Men who beat up their wives destroy themselves. A normal man is not a bully to his wife. 
A man is the foundation of the house, the woman is the pillar that holds the home. The wife controls the climate of the home (Proverbs 5:3). Package yourself and treat your husband with care. In fact see yourself as his girlfriend because girlfriends seem nicer than some wives. A good man is expensive to find, when God gives you one, take good care of him.
4. Be best of friends with each other; some problems will never be there if you relate as friends. Be your spouse’s  friend.
5. Model in your home whatever you are marketing outside. Do not be a good person outside and a tigress at home.
6. Men and women must take care of themselves and remain attractive to their spouses. Watch what they eat, package yourself and always look take away.
7. As often as you can, let go. Apologize to your spouse when you are wrong and learn to forgive.
8. Keep yourself pure, run away from immorality (Proverbs 6:23-29).
9. Communicate with your partner, do not compare your partner with others, make your marriage romantic. Learn to be polite to each other. Complement each other, hug your spouse daily; smile at each other. When you stop smiling at each other it means your marriage smells.
10. Make your sexual life healthy. The woman is not a florescent bulb you switch off and on at wheel. Give room for fur play. Make your sexual life a fellowship.

According to Matthew 15:18, whatever God has not planted in your marriage must be rooted out in Jesus Name. 

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